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Blog: Back at work at Vincit – why was leaving and coming back worth it?


We have recently had the chance to welcome back many old Vincit employees. This has been a great experience and has naturally aroused curiosity about the reasons for coming back. We decided to sit down with a couple of returnees to discuss work and the importance of working life. And, of course, why life brought them back to Vincit.

“I still wanted to talk to Vincit because it's the best place I've ever worked at.”

Niko Kähkönen and Johannes Ylinen work at Vincit as software developers – both for the second time. Niko first joined Vincit in autumn 2015. A passionate sailplane enthusiast, he later came across an opportunity to work in the aerospace industry that was too good to pass up.

Johannes was drawn to the easygoing atmosphere and lack of unnecessary formalities at Vincit and joined the company in autumn 2018. Later, the interesting project came up which pulled him elsewhere for a little over a year. In the summer of 2021, however, both Johannes and Niko ended up returning to Vincit.

A work community like no other

“When you come to the office, you just get a sense of joy about the fact you're in a great place even if nothing special is going on.”

Despite interesting projects and well-oiled routines in their new jobs, both missed Vincit's community and mention it as one of the most important reasons for coming back.

“At some point, I realized I wanted to come back to the work community at Vincit. After the first year of the pandemic, it somehow felt even more valuable than before. It’s something I find important personally.”

What, then, do our two returnees find so special about the community at Vincit? It’s all about the little things, such as a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere that is seen, among other things, in the lack of unnecessary formalities and taking things too seriously.

“Here, it’s possible to have genuinely pleasant interactions throughout the workday. I haven’t always had that opportunity with larger corporations.”

Both guys were also of the opinion that Vincit is exceptionally inclusive towards the work community and others. At Vincit, new employees are welcomed and accepted into the community. In Niko's opinion, one of Vincit’s strengths is also that employees don’t need to be mirror images of each other. To achieve the best result in anything you do, you have to be able to be yourself.

“We can be ourselves and crack jokes but when it’s time to work, we do it properly and efficiently.”

Community spirit at Vincit is also reflected in various group activities, both at work and outside the office in more relaxed settings. Johannes says that he considers many coworkers as his friends rather than just colleagues. An example of a small but important thing are weekly runs followed by visiting the office’s own sauna.

“At Vincit, I can trust my colleagues to be amazing coworkers as well as top experts in their profession. I’ve never experienced a work community like this elsewhere. While it can sound like a cliche, I stand behind based on my personal experiences.”

An open culture without unnecessary hierarchies

“At the end of the day, the work community is more important than the device you’re programming for.”

In our chats, both Johannes and Niko brought up Vincit’s way of working and company culture as important factors for them personally. Both enjoyed and missed the low hierarchy, free and open culture and the fact that all unnecessary management is out of the picture.

“For example, you can choose your own tools without asking anyone for permission and without budget limits. Anyone can get a company credit card for work-related purchases without having to go through an exhausting process.”

While both enjoy this self-directed approach to work, Niko points out that it isn’t for everyone. Others need stricter guidance and leadership and want to focus solely on their work. In that sense, Vincit is also a demanding employer and not necessarily for everyone.

However, for those suited for self-directed work, Vincit offers almost limitless opportunities for development and professional improvement. Both valued the fact that in addition to personal development, employees have the opportunity to influence and develop the organization's operations. Niko believes that this leads to better results and productivity compared to more traditionally run companies.

“Rather than just following trends, Vincit is actively forging the path forward. All of us have the chance to influence and help improve the entire organization’s work. This is my impression of Vincit and one of the many reasons I wanted to come back.”

Was coming back worth it?

Let’s return to the topic of the meaningfulness of work for a little bit. Johannes and Niko listed Vincit’s work community, way of working and company culture as the most important reasons for returning. In addition to these, however, both stressed that the basic building blocks must be in order.

The daily routines of projects should not feel like pushing water uphill. What employees do must have genuine significance in the real world. There must also be opportunities for professional improvement and learning new. And, of course, the pay must also be competitive.

What do Johannes and Niko say, was it worth going elsewhere and coming back? The answer is a quick “yes” to both questions.

“For me, the experience was helpful and eye-opening. I got to work on things I’ve always wanted to do and see things I wanted to experience first hand. But at the end of the day, I came to appreciate Vincit’s value as an employer and builder of a great work community. I’ve seen more of the world and understand even better how I want to work and where.”