How Much Does Shopify Plus Cost?

Brian Walsh
August 4th 2020

Shopify Plus Platform Fee

Shopify Plus charges based on a monthly fee or a monthly revenue, whichever is the higher based on the package chosen.
Shopify Plus’s Monthly Platform Fee
  • $2,000/month or 0.25% of monthly revenue (whichever is higher)
  • Only start to pay the 0.25% when sales exceed $800,000+/monthly
  • For example: if in a month you sell $1,000,000, the platform fee would be $2,500.00
If you elect to use Shopify Plus’s payment processing “Shopify Payments” the fees are as follows:
  • Domestic: 2.15% + $0.30
  • International / Amex: 3.15% + $0.30
  • There are opportunities for negotiating the terms down on these rates, however, this will be dependent on a number of factors.
If you elect to not use Shopify Payments and go with another provider, the third party payment gateway fee is:
  • 0.15% when using a 3rd Party Payment Gateway
  • Fee is waived if the Payment Gateway is Shopify Payments

Apps & Integrations

Another area that stores will have to budget for, is the Shopify Apps and Integrations that they will need to power their store.
There are over 1500+ Shopify Plus Apps and Integrations available for site use; these are what give the Shopify Plus stores the extra power and oomph business owners are drawn to. However, each of these will have extra costs, so it is worth checking what these different apps and integrations may cost vs. what they add to your online store and consumer needs/wants.
Some softwares have extra costs when it comes to accessing their API’s, so it is worth checking through your own software to understand what it will take to integrate as well.
For some sites and Shopify plus stores, it can make more sense to build your own custom app functions in terms of cost-effectiveness. Depending on the recurring price of the app, it might be cheaper in the lifetime of the store to build your own.
Using a team like Vincit in the strategy and planning phase will help you identify what apps and integrations you need, or don’t, and why.

Development and Customizations

One of the main draws of Shopify Plus is the ability to truly customize the platform to your tastes. You are not tied to any theme or template, you can really stay true to your brand and vision. This allows you the opportunity to go into the CSS and Javascript to tailor-make your site, and rework the platform from the ground up.
This is where you will need to enlist the aid of developers, whether it be in-house or outsourced, you will need developers to migrate and build the site and integrations needed for your specific ecommerce operations.
When it comes to budgeting and planning your Shopify Plus build, feel free to reach out to our Vincit team. We’ve worked on some of the most complex Shopify Plus projects and can give insight into roadmapping your Shopify Plus store!
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