Jonny Burger Mix!

Tiffany Hall
October 7th 2019

Jonny is an Independent App Developer, Serial Hacker and 1337 Runner!

This week we welcome Jonny Burger into the duck pond!
Jonny was kind enough to join us this week to share how anyone can begin competing in hackathons and how he got started. We learn some awesome tips in this week's mix as Jonny describes how he and his friends/teams work during 24hr and weekend hackathons, and we learn what type of apps and projects are most likely to win the coveted First Place and Audience Choice prizes!
We also ask Jonny about his first two majorly successful apps, and how he came up with the ideas. He describes his inspiration for creating them and his process of hacking his way through development and deployment! Our conversation rounded out nicely when he shared one of his non-tech passions with us; running. Here's his running log: Jonny.Run. Enough said.
Follow Jonny on Twitter to stay in touch, and check out his apps to learn more from him!
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