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Wholesale and retail

Data-empowered digital commerce

To stand out in the global competition, wholesale and retail companies need to tap into process and customer data and think about the value they can extract from analytics. 

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Manufacturing industries

Customer-centric, data-led manufacturing

For manufacturers, true digital transformation starts by envisioning where in the value chain can data be applied to make a difference.

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Public Sector

Accessible and intuitive public services

All public sector services should be designed to serve citizens first. Digital solutions and applications must be easy to use, despite physical and cognitive disabilities.

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Energy and utilities

Dynamic and resilient energy economy

Digital processes and data-led services help energy and utility sector companies develop a stable energy offering with transparent, customer-centric services.

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Digital platform economy

Fast-tracking innovative business models

Shared platforms offer fast entry to new markets, cost-efficiently and scalably. But lasting value add comes from cross-industry collaboration and linking products with complimentary services.

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Banking, finance and insurance

Agile business, customer-centric services

Digitally disrupted, the companies in the banking, finance and insurance sector must actively innovate new approaches to build omnichannel customer experiences that fully utilize data.

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Medical devices manufacturers

User-centric healthcare applications

While medical device software is strictly regulated, there's room for innovations that make life easier for patients and caregivers. Stable and secure data flow is a must.

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The Ultimate Guide to Headless Commerce - The Future For Digital Sales

With headless commerce, retailers can experiment with new functionalities to enhance overall customer experience and drive sales. Read here for the Vincit guide on headless commerce.


Blog: Thoughts on backlog management

Managing backlogs (lists of accumulated tasks) is a central feature in the direction of software development. This everyday task may sometimes have a surprisingly significant effect on how successfully the product owner’s main task, maximizing the value yield of the...

Pirkka Rannikko

February 24 2022



Blog: Reducing carbon footprint in digital services – Case IBU

Digital services do make the world a better place by improving daily lives and creating new sustainable services, but many times the environmental impact of these solutions is overlooked. To further improve the benefits of digitalization we must be mindful of the...

Niina Mikolanniemi

January 19 2022





Blog: Total digitalization of sales – how to emerge as a winner?

Companies often look at digital sales only from the perspective of an online store, but succeeding in a competitive field requires much more. In the first part of the Data Driven Digital Sales -webinarseries (in Finnish), we discussed digital sales. In this article,...

Jan Landén

December 2 2021


Blog: Choosing a Mobile Technology in 2022

There are numerous ways to build mobile applications, and this blog post is all about comparing the pros and cons of the different approaches. My former colleague Juha Riippi started a blog post series around eight years ago, and the mobile tech field has been...

Mikko Seppä

November 4 2021



Blog: What is Headless Commerce? And Everything You Need to Know About Building a Headless Commerce Strategy

Headless Commerce is the newest frontier in ecommerce. Here we explain what it is and how it allows your business to have control over the ecommerce experience.

Sean Richards

October 13 2021


Blog: Try a study group to improve your digital accessibility

Accessibility is important in ensuring digital equality and is a key element of high-quality service, so we have been keen on developing our skills on it here at Vincit. We also believe that study groups are an excellent and effective form of social learning. With...

Jarno Ojala

September 30 2021





Blog: 5 reasons successful digital initiatives always consider the human aspect

When companies digitalize their operations, deploying new technology is just one part of the initiative. Changing the way humans work is another. Success comes when everybody is working together to move things forward, applying the learnings from ongoing experiments...

Riku Huikuri

September 13 2021


Blog: How to Use RxSwift with MVVM Pattern (A Complete Guide)

In this blog, we'll look at how to use RxSwift with MVVM Pattern, including how to use UITableView with RxSwift, how to write a network layer, and more. 

Jussi Suojanen

August 17 2021


Blog: Riding the Wave – How Sixthreezero’s Investment in Digital Experience Drives Growth

Sixthreezero partnered with Vincit to create a new app and new website experience to enhance their Shopify site, adding features to make buying a bike online easier and more customized.

Brian Walsh

June 7 2021