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Ofra Cosmetics

The Florida based cosmetics company, popularly known for their online and social media presence, Ofra Cosmetics, came to Vincit to optimize their existing eCommerce website’s speed, usability, functionality, and overall design. Through close collaboration, Vincit was able to successfully achieve those goals as well as provide advanced and modern solutions to their needs with scalability in mind. Ofra’s new website not only has an updated look, but also creates a more intuitive shopping experience.

We provided Ofra Cosmetics with full solution design and development services to increase site speed and performance as well as optimize their branding and user experience. Using various technologies, our teams implemented features such as smart search for enhanced searchability and classification filtering for cosmetic product categories. Combining smooth shopping functionality features with eye-catching design allowed this popular established brand to continue to attract a diverse and global demographic while maintaining the classic OFRA feel and shopping experience that buyers know and love. (add bullet points?)


Vincit’s UX/UI team featured Ofra’s makeup and skincare products front and center, elevating the site’s user experience, usability, aesthetic look, and site speed. Enhancements included amplifying the site’s fonts, featuring prominent calls to action, and consolidating the product collection.
One of the predominant features that Vincit implemented to boost Ofra Cosmetics’ user experience was through product filtering features. With a wide array of products from lipstick and highlighters to moisturizers and exfoliators, Vincit consolidated Ofra’s product collection visually through search filters, allowing users to easily shop online for the things they need by product type, shade, or finish.

Ofra's filtering system lets customers find what they need easily while shopping online.


Vincit’s development team provided function, ease of management, and aesthetic visuals to Ofra’s e-commerce site. Utilizing various integrations, our development team not only incorporated social media to provide interactive content for customers, we also integrated easier content and product management for the Ofra team, creating a more fluid shopping experience.
In conjunction with the Vincit UX/UI team’s filtering efforts for the Ofra site, Vincit’s development team provided the function for the visual search filters using the Content Management System, Contentful. Placing filters on the collections, such as shade, finish and product type for an eyeshadow collection, and tags on the individual products, such as the 'Blue Jeans eyeshadow' as a 'blue shade' or a 'shimmer finish,' greatly expanded Ofra’s capabilities and content management. This also made a potential customer’s search process easier, as they can easily find what they need among a large quantity of makeup and skincare products.

At left: The interface in Contentful for the "Eyeshadow" collection that shows what filters are relevant to this specific collection. At right: The interface in Contentful that Ofra uses to add tags to the "Eyeshadow - Blue Jeans" product.


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