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SKB Cases

SKB Cases came to us looking to get their well-known and trusted products online. With having developed a strong sales and rapport with local brick and mortar retail dealers to sell their products, they needed a way to expand their offerings by diving headfirst into e-commerce. Vincit’s design and development team gladly helped them do it.

We provided SKB Cases with full solution design services and integrations for a brand new and modern e-commerce site. Using various technologies, our teams helped the legendary and trusted case brand take full advantage of the direct to consumer pipeline.


SKB's design elements were kept simple and organized. The prominent use of professional photos aesthetically appeal to the consumer and guide them through the site based on their product needs. With many different consumer markets, from audio and video to military and sports, the website's design features convey the wide use of SKB's cases. Integration with Retail Solutions made the shopping experience a seamless one for consumers.

At left: SKB's home page features prominent photography and a simple search function. At Right: SKB's website utilizes photography to guide consumers to their desired needs.


SKB Cases decided to work with Retail Solutions as their e-commerce platform for their inventory management, which made for a unique integration solution for Vincit. In working with this specific e-commerce platform, our team worked with Retail Solutions’ snippet based functions, pulling different elements from Retail Solutions into the new SKB site. Integrating this platform enabled SKB to effectively manage their inventory and a customer's shopping cart, and we were glad to integrate their desired platform into the new website.

SKB's inventory and shopping cart feature integrate the e-commerce platform Retail Solutions, making order management simple and effective for the client and customers.

SKB immediately saw revenue come in and improved traffic after the site went live. SKB has already signed on to a 2nd phase for continuing improvements providing an ongoing relationship between SKB Cases and Vincit.

SKB Cases started with the manufacturing of a guitar case in 1977 and has since grown to be a globally recognized company in case manufacturing. SKB manufactures molded polymer transport cases for a variety of uses, including music and audio, industrial and military, photo and video, and sports applications. No matter the industry, SKB is a leading name in hard and soft case manufacturing, protecting the equipment you care about with quality – guaranteed.


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