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On a mission to rejuvenate the much-outdated car wash experience, Superoperator set out to eliminate inconvenience with a modern approach to a traditional service. Starting in 2013, we have designed and developed “The Digital Carwash” for Superoperator.

This massive project involves several iOS apps, an Android app, and two web-based dashboards. On the backend, we’ve developed services for payment processing, automatic license plate recognition, business analytics, equipment monitoring, customer subscriptions, promotional coupons, and gift cards.

Gift card QR code scanning and vehicle setup

One of the most exciting features of the SuperOperator system is its ability to recognize car plates and use that data to pull user account information. At first we attempted to implement a third-party plate recognition system, but after running into a few roadblocks decided to build the technology ourselves.

The app guides the user through the entire car wash process. Users choose their wash program, pay, and can view remaining wash time from their phone.

Vincit has grown with us, and they have had expertise in all of our needs from operating the washing machine to picture recognition. Our goal is to be the largest car wash chain in the world, and also bring other vehicle related services to the market. Vincit has been a part of our success story, and will be in the future as well.

Erkki AminoffCEO

To ensure security and reliability, we’ve hardened our API with over 2,000 automated tests and applied development techniques such as continuous integration, code reviews, and linting. To ensure a reliable user experience, we’ve developed hundreds of end-to-end tests with tools like Selenium WebDriver.

Our systems currently support over 50,000 end users and nearly 200 car wash sites throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Our onsite internet-connected cameras read millions of license plates each year.


Framery Configurator & App

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