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TMI Automotive Products

TMI’s new website and e-commerce store streamlined their extensive product selection of complete interior automotive products. TMI came to Vincit with a website that needed a more modern feel and function. With an extensive catalog of interior car products, TMI needed a way to streamline their products while catering to the car enthusiast world that is accustomed to high quality and precision. Utilizing headless e-commerce, Vincit not only gave their brand and site a new look, but provided TMI with future functionality that would allow them to pivot as their business grew.

Vincit Offerings and Technologies

We provided TMI Automotive Products with full solution design services and integrations for optimal site searchability and function. Using various technologies, our teams streamlined TMI's product catalog, made products easily searchable for customers, and paired it with the aesthetics and speed fit for a provider in the luxury car industry - just like TMI themselves.


TMI’s new website and e-commerce store taps into the emotion and personalization of the automotive enthusiast’s desires, through the power of user experience, which draws the customer's eye through the website with ease.
In order to streamline the customer experience while on the site, Vincit’s UX/UI team organized the product range through a collective search mechanism across the site’s pages, streamlining it to meet the user’s specific needs. Whether the customer is searching for a specific vehicle product by a known make, model and year, or simply browsing independently, this predominant home page design feature cuts out extraneous steps along the buyer’s journey.

At Left: TMI's search mechanism allows users to search for a specific part by vehicle details, including make, model, and year. At Right: If customers are looking for a specific part by accessory component or detail, TMI's search mechanism allows for open searching, as shown here in a Pro-Series seats search by type, style, and more.


Due to the high quantity of product design options and variants that TMI can provide a potential customer, Vincit’s development team was presented with a unique challenge in streamlining their inventory options, making it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for.
To do this, we created migration scripts that allowed the process to go more smoothly instead of inputting each product variant one by one. Once the scripts were written, they were then imported to the site’s CMS, where the client can easily remove and add to them as their product selection grows.
Having a script to get the product information into the new site then made the design team’s process of creating a search mechanism for customers to find certain products in TMI’s vast the inventory much easier. TMI is a great example of how thoughtful and innovative development and design leads to a great user experience for the web visitor.

At Left: An example of the migration scripts created to import TMI's extensive product variant inventory. At Right: In TMI's Content Management System, the product variants are displayed.

Since the Vincit site launch, TMI reported increased site traffic and revenue is steady.

TMI Automotive Products provides complete luxury interior automotive components, including seating, consoles, door panels, headliners, and more, for a wide range of vehicle makes, models, and years. From period-correct restorations to vintage luxury vehicles to modern performance vehicles, TMI can provide the interior automotive components you desire, including custom solutions. TMI prides itself on complete in-house manufacturing and production, not only setting them apart from the competition. The company was founded with humble beginnings in1982 by the Tuccinardi brothers in their parent’s garage and has since grown into the company it is today with 2 production factories, serving passionate automotive enthusiast clients with high quality interiors.


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