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Yamaha Watercraft Apps

In conjunction with the launch of Yamaha's 2018 WaveRunners and Boats, we designed, engineered, and launched brand new mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets. They're now in their 3rd version - we've been launching new apps every other year for 6 years.

A big difference this year was that the target audience expanded from only dealers, to both Yamaha dealers and customers. The apps needed to support two different sets of use cases, which presented a fun challenge for our UX team.

We focused on features that would be useful to both parties

Features such as Compare and Browse are useful for both consumers and dealers. Dealers can pull up comparisons while talking to a customer and show the boat in real world scenarios. Users can browse at their convenience and do their own research.

Lastly, we added social features for a more immersive experience

We added a "lifestyle" section to the app where users can browse content from other watercraft owners, and also browse content curated by Yamaha.

"Vincit has been an integral partner across our mobile strategy, helping us better connect with consumers and our dealers in a compelling way that separates us in the industry."

Andrew CullenDigital Marketing and Communication Manager

The Dream Team

Vincit: Naushad Huda, Cameron Sagey, Scott Brassfield, John Haupenthal

Yamaha: Andrew Cullen


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