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Integration Lead Consultant

At Vincit, we are known for building outstanding SAP solutions for our strategic customers. Hence, we're seeking a skilled Integration Lead Consultant to join our fun-loving bunch in Poland. 🚀

What is the job like, really? 🤔

As the Integration Lead Consultant at Vincit, you'll turn our SAP sales strategy into actual achievements. Your role involves more than just leadership; it's about innovating and applying strategies in SAP Integration Suite (CPI) and PI/PO projects. You'll have a direct hand in driving our projects forward and unlocking new project opportunities with our clients, ensuring a consistent lineup of engaging and gratifying work.

You'll work with a team of experts in complex customer projects (both roll-out and support) and get to dive deep with your SAP module expertise in various development and maintenance tasks. Our SAP customer portfolio is broad and diverse so there's no need to worry about getting stuck or bored. Our projects can be demanding, but you'll be able handle that together with your future teammates as they are at the top of their game. You can find examples of software built by us and our public customer references on our website.

You'll join a large and skillful crowd of SAP experts (over 150), but you'll also work extensively with the entire Vincit ecosystem – which means you'll get to bounce ideas and develop your own expertise with great minds.

What are we looking for?

🎯 Proven Expertise in SAP Integration: Expertise in SAP PI/PO and SAP Integration Suite (CPI) is essential. If you speak ABAP, even better. 

🎯 Leadership That Inspires: We need someone who can guide technical teams with confidence, delegate effectively, and support our mission with passion.

🎯 Client-Focused Innovator: Your ability to independently engage with clients, understand and discuss about their business needs, and translate these into technical requirements will set you apart.

🎯 Communicative Excellence: Fluent English is a must, helping you to liaise seamlessly with our international client base and your team.

🎯 A Team Player: Your openness to new challenges, interest in client business, and superior teamwork skills will make you a perfect fit for our culture.

Cool, but what's in it for me?

🌟 Competence development – We encourage and support people to develop their career path within Vincit by offering the possibility to always learn new things in projects by project rotation, but also by attending, for example, SAP courses.

🌟 Maximal flexibility and location independence – utilize our awesome office spaces in the way you feel is most suitable for you

🌟 Work-life balance – we encourage you to shape your work life according to your personal needs

🌟 More than generous employee benefits

🌟 Competitive salary – your monthly base salary will be based on your experience and expertise + you’ll naturally get to enjoy Vincit’s bonus model, personnel fund and transparent salary weeks

🌟 Various career opportunities – pursue the role that's right for you, be it a new position, lateral move, or venturing into a different direction

🌟 Modern, transparent, and humane organization culture – thanks to these traits, we're an award-winning workplace to be proud of

🌟 Local and international work environment – enjoy the numerous activities and hobby clubs in your local community or explore an office exchange opportunity in our European or US locations

🌟 A team of skilled experts at least equal to yourself – our way of working and thinking usually suits those who are, or want to be, at the top of their profession. Work with us and you get to be part of our Vincit community which consists of the country’s top developers, designers, and other experts

Curious but still on the fence?

To get to know us as an employer, we recommend checking our career site, blog, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

P.S. Please note that if you live abroad and want to work with us, we need you to have the necessary permits for working in Poland

About Vincit

About Vincit

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Integration Lead Consultant



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Integration Lead Consultant


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