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Branding from a digital angle

Our approach is very research heavy. We take enough time to really understand each company, the competitive landscape, where the company is headed, and more. A brand is more than a logo, it is the identity of a company; Everything that makes a person a unique individual also applies to a good brand.

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    We work closely with you to understand the company, getting a feel for who the company is and aspires to be. We also conduct research into the competitive landscape, figuring out where to stand out and where to fit in.

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    Core pillars, word association, sketches on sketches, typeface exploration, you name it. This is the brainstorming and experimentation stage where we explore your brand and find the perfect direction for the future.

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    Once we've got a general idea of where things are headed, a few logo concepts and a rough identity, we refine in multiple iterations, working closely with the client to make sure everything aligns with the project goals.

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    When the brand identity and visual language has taken shape, we test it by creating usage examples in multiple mediums, making sure it will work well in all scenarios when put to use. Final polish happens here.

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    A great brand identity isn't so great if it doesn't get used. The brand guidelines lay out the nitty gritty details of how to design for and embody the brand. The goal is to make it so intuitive, nobody will disregard it.

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