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Blog: Ensuring parents’ peace of mind with a summer club for kids


The kids are off school but you still have a ton of work – what’s a busy parent to do? At Vincit, the answer was to organize a summer club for kids! For 2 weeks, from June 5th to June 16th, Vincit Tampere hosted up to 14 kids at a time, ranging in age from 5 to 10 years old. Vincit organized the summer club so that parents could work with a good conscience knowing that their kids were having fun and not stuck indoors on their phones.

The club was held at Vincit's office in Tampere – but don't worry, the kids had their own space so they could play and have fun without interrupting anyone's work. Two instructors made sure that everything ran smoothly. The main instructor has an education in early childhood education, while the other is a summer employee with a history in coaching.

Having some summer fun together 

The activities at the summer club included visiting a local park, going to the library, visiting a museum, having a water balloon fight, and meeting a group of friendly dogs (for kids that wanted to). The children also made pizza together with their parents using an OONI pizza oven, baked muffins, and had a barbecue. All other food was provided by the office restaurant and included lunch and a snack. 

On the last Friday of the club, there was also a coding school for kids where they got to learn about the basics of coding. This course is geared towards young children and begins to teach them about the underlying principles of coding. 

The club is available to parents who work at Vincit for a small fee and will hopefully be offered again next year. After all, this year was a great success!