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Senior Embedded Software Developer

We are looking for a skilled and experienced Senior Embedded Software Developer with a passion for embedded systems to join our fun-loving bunch.

What is the job like, really? 🤔

You'll be working as a Senior Embedded Software Developer designing, implementing, and optimizing the firmware to our client's products. Our customer base and the scope of our projects are wide, from small start-ups to globally large enterprises, and from legacy-type maintenance to hipster-friendly AR/VR projects. Take a look at our customers to see what we’re talking about.  

The life cycle of our projects and the size of teams varies so there's no need to worry about getting stuck or bored. Our projects can be demanding, but you'll be able to handle that together with your future teammates as they are at the top of their game.

What are we looking for?

🎯 As in the consultancy business, our customer project requirements vary from time to time. Hence, we'd love to hear from you if you possess senior-level proficiency (at least 5+ years of experience) in embedded software development.

🎯 Proficiency in C++/C and extensive experience with Linux and Yocto environments.

🎯 We also hope that you are keen to work in close cooperation with our clients. Some might call this a "customer service mindset", but truly when it comes to defining what "culture fit" means to us, we believe in positivity and willingness to be part of our community.

🎯 Current projects involve occasional visits to the customer's office either in Tampere or Helsinki.

🎯 To ensure effective communication, including with Finnish-speaking customers, proficiency in both English and Finnish is essential for many of our customer projects.

Cool, but what's in it for me?

🌟 Maximal flexibility and location independence – set up your workstation wherever you want and utilize our awesome offices’ premises in the way you feel is most suitable for you

🌟 Work-life balance – we encourage you to shape your work life according to your personal needs

🌟 More than generous employee benefits lunch benefit, free snacks and drinks, healthcare and dental care services, extensive insurance, childcare services, freely selected work equipment and phones – the list goes on!

🌟 Competitive salary – your monthly salary will be based on your experience and expertise + you’ll get to enjoy Vincit’s bonus model, personnel fund and transparent salary weeks

🌟 Competence development – we have set up Univincity to support workplace learning in various ways

🌟 Various career opportunities – take whatever career steps feel appropriate, whether shifting upwards, sideways or downwards.

🌟 Modern, transparent, and humane organization culture  thanks to these traits we're an award-winning workplace to be proud of

🌟 Local and international work environment – enjoy the numerous activities and hobby clubs in your local community, go for an office exchange to our Lisbon office, or take a 2-year expat adventure to Vincit U.S.

🌟 A team of skilled experts at least equal to yourself – our way of working and thinking usually suits those who are, or want to be, at the top of their profession. Work with us, and you get to be part of our Vincit community which consists of the country’s top developers, designers, and other experts. 

Curious but still on the fence?

If there’s anything you’d like to chat about the job, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. To get to know us as an employer, we recommend checking our career siteblogFacebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

P.S. Please note that if you live abroad and want to work with us, you need to have the necessary permits for working in Finland.  

About Vincit

About Vincit

We’re a leading digital business agency committed to accelerating and transforming our clients' businesses without the fuss. We believe that technology is key to solving the global challenges of our time. Together, we can achieve amazing things by breaking the norms of work-life and offering the best possible environment, tools, and growth opportunities for our employees. We aim to create better Mondays—for our people, our clients, and our planet.

Our community is made up of top professionals from a diverse range of IT fields, united by a passion for what digital tools, empathy, and sharp thinking can accomplish. At Vincit, you'll get to work alongside skilled experts and with customers that include everything from small start-ups to multinational giants.




Senior Embedded Software Developer


Helsinki, Tampere, Turku

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Senior Embedded Software Developer


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