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Data-empowered digital commerce

To stand out in the global competition, wholesale and retail companies need to tap into process and customer data and think about the value they can extract from analytics. 

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Customer-centric, data-led manufacturing

For manufacturers, true digital transformation starts by envisioning where in the value chain can data be applied to make a difference.

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All public sector services should be designed to serve citizens first. Digital solutions and applications must be easy to use, despite physical and cognitive disabilities.

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Digital processes and data-led services help energy and utility sector companies develop a stable energy offering with transparent, customer-centric services.

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Shared platforms offer fast entry to new markets, cost-efficiently and scalably. But lasting value add comes from cross-industry collaboration and linking products with complimentary services.

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Digitally disrupted, the companies in the banking, finance and insurance sector must actively innovate new approaches to build omnichannel customer experiences that fully utilize data.

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Medical devices manufacturers

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While medical device software is strictly regulated, there's room for innovations that make life easier for patients and caregivers. Stable and secure data flow is a must.

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Blog: Making Mondays magical in 2050

Sohvi Salmelin

August 29 2023

People in a meeting room

Nothing great is ever created alone. Last spring Vincit and the Laurea University of Applied Sciences joined forces to peek into the future as a part of their key partnership which kicked off in 2022. Continuous learning is important for both Vincit and Laurea and the collaboration is an opportunity to learn together, stretch known boundaries, and seek new perspectives in business. 

Over 60 Laurea MBA students attended a course on futures studies to work together with Vincit employees to create a vision of what the future of leadership in Vincit might look like in 2050.

People in a meeting room

Why futures studies?  

We can all agree that times are uncertain - and a tad gloomy. All the more reason to create insights about the future. Futures studies is a systematic way of anticipating what the future might hold. There are three principles that guide this domain:

  1. There are multiple futures
  2. We can imagine these futures
  3. We can shape what the future will be

During the course, the students tested various methods used in futures studies to envision how a community such as Vincit could be led to succeed 30 years on. Vincit was founded in 2007 to make sure that coming to work doesn't suck - not even on Mondays. But what will Mondays in 2050 look like?

What the future of work and leadership might look like

With the help of a Delphi panel (a method where both students and Vincit employees discussed driving forces and wild cards, and rated their level of uncertainty as well as impact in the future), the students created transformative scenarios depicting alternative images of the future leadership. So what do future leaders need to consider?

  • Technology and especially AI are going to change the way we work.
  • Time and place will become less important and work will be done when and where optimal.
  • Purpose and meaning will be sought after in flexible project work and collaboration networks - and actively promoting well-being at work will be key.
  • Mondays and the rest of the week should be fun.
  • We all need to learn constantly to keep up with change.


Vincit and Laurea will continue our cooperation to co-create better Mondays. The next course will focus on how AI will shape work, leadership, and business.


Note: credits for the blog title go to a group of Laurea students who named their scenario "Make Mondays Magical"


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