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Investing in a renewable future

As one of the largest energy companies in Finland, Helen is dedicated to climate-neutral energy production in the long-run. As the company edges closer to its strategic targets, our joint team continuously develops solutions to help Helen transform the kind of energy its + 400,000 customers buy. Kiinteistövahti is one of such solutions.

Helen's kiinteistövahti page
Helen's kiinteistövahti page

A step on the journey towards renewable energy

What began as an idea on a sheet of paper and a line of code, became a ground-breaking service that improves energy efficiency and optimises living conditions in residential buildings.

What we did:

  • 2000+ residential buildings

  • 50 000+ apartments

  • 5-10% higher energy efficiency

Apartment building

Expertise used

Data & Analytics


Kiinteistövahti is just one example of Helen’s commitment to a better, more holistic understanding of customer needs. Through a build-measure-learn approach, the team constantly iterated Kiinteistövahti and its features. From finding the correct sensor technologies, to the designing its productisation, the service was developed for a wide range of users and audiences.

Tenants of residential buildings that use district heating are given recommendations by Kiinteistövahti for improving energy efficiency, based on sensor data it collects in apartments. As energy efficiency increases, so do cost savings and overall wellbeing.

Developed together with Helen’s partners, Kiinteistövahti is currently live in over 2,000 apartment building. So far, its improved living conditions in over 50,000 apartments with an average energy efficiency increase between 5 to 10% per building.