3 Reasons Why You Should Recognize Your Supplier

Ville Houttu
September 23rd 2019
We, at Vincit, are privileged to have a high number of clients who have given us a right for public reference. Some of these are presented here.
Over the years I have heard a number of reasons why some of our clients refuse to give a public reference. Reasons such as,
  • We have a company policy which does not allow us to...
  • Our ___ division has decided that...
  • We are not sure who to ask permission…
Some companies also consider us as their competitive advantage, in which case they do not want to disclose the development partner with their competitors.
All these reasons are reasonable and valid. But not nearly valid enough to overrule the benefits of allowing suppliers to publicly reference projects. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider allowing your vendors a public reference for their involvement in your work.

1. Pride + Ownership = Motivation

Most of our projects are complex mobile apps or web systems which take several months, and sometimes years, to build. When the product/service is successfully launched, there is an extraordinary amount of professional pride among the team.
This pride and ownership of the accomplishment is the greatest source of motivation for vendors. Imagine the feeling when the developers are finally able to tell their friends & family: “It’s launched - this is what I have been working for the last eleven months!”.
This excitement creates buy-in and personal ownership. Suddenly, instead of just being some hired work, the supplier has a personal interest in ensuring that the project continues to be of high quality. Most importantly, the vendor has motivated interest in the client company, you! It becomes much more about collaboration and ensuring that the completed project represents the superior work for both the vendor and the client.

2. Continuous Improvement

Motivated employees are not the only benefit that the client will get when allowing suppliers to share their involvement in the project. When developers feel ownership of the launched product/service they will actively have their network of people testing it, and you will get immediate feedback - for free!
This gives the client the ability to benefit not only from the immediate developers but from an entire community who provide expertise and perspective.
By the way, the developers will not only take this feedback but also get the improvement and fixes implemented. Ownership creates accountability.

3. Extra Slice of Promotion

We live in an era of the constant battle of the wall space. Let’s not forget the positive publicity and extra promotion you will get with your supplier highlighting you on their channels.
Companies will highly benefit from getting their message across and should encourage anything that will improve their SEO. Why limit your promotion potential, when you can get all the extra awareness with zero cost.
Suppliers love any chance to talk about case studies and clients they work with. With the ability to share their involvement in the project, client companies will be able to reap the benefits of motivation, feedback, and positive exposure.
Vincit’s vendors are an essential part of our success. I believe they serve us the better we serve them, and therefore we not only send satisfaction surveys to our clients but also to our suppliers. We want to know how we can improve as a client, stay relevant, and help our vendors to optimize their operations - which, at the end of the day, are a substantial part of our operations.
Client-vendor relationship is a two-way street.

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