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Data has the power to change the world, but converting business data into added customer value can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to recognize real insights that bring value to customers and help differentiate your products in the market. It can be equally challenging to manage your systems landscape and the large number of data flows. Complication is added by the need to connect safely and securely with internal stakeholders, product end-users and the whole supply chain.

Key industry challenges


Customers have access to global markets; competition is no longer local


Advanced data analytics, cloud computing and machine learning help draw insights from Big Data


Cybersecurity, traceability and sustainability requirements increase


Data-led digital production and services require deep integration to enterprise business processes and systems


SAP enterprise solutions
SAP S/4Hana implementation
Tricentis test automation
SAP enterprise solutions
Enterprise platform support
SAP architecture design

In the manufacturing industry, digitalization often involves either servitization or the leveraging of the Industrial Internet. Whichever path you have in mind, before you invest in modern service architecture or data crunching capacity, you need to have a clear goal. You need to understand what added value you can provide to your customers by means of data use. You also need to make sure that they are willing to pay for the added value.

Let's take your products or production to another level.

We can help you employ data and digitalization in a way that provides value not just to your business, but to your customers as well. We start by scrutinizing your UX and data usage, then design a necessary IT and data landscape. We can add digital features to your existing products and services or develop and take care of your enhanced, servitized products over their lifecycle. A partnership with us helps your business perform better and improves your customers' experience across all touchpoints.

Ensuring traction and differentiation

Digitalization opens up new business models and even access to new markets. But companies need to be quick to employ the new opportunities. We can help you roadmap product features and potential new business concepts, identifying the ones that hold the most potential and have the best organizational and strategic fit. We can also help prioritize development tracks and include all necessary stakeholders in the development.

Convergence of IT with OT

We can design and build a purposeful data and system architecture for your company. We will identify the relevant processes and data flows that influence your business transformation and assess what should be done in order to reach internal, partner and consumer expectations.

Scalable solutions that are easy to maintain

We use agile development to make sure your solutions create value as fast as possible. Scalability and security are guiding principles in the design and development. We can help you make educated decisions about technology to ensure your solutions are future-proof. The code we produce is always high in quality and we use a strict governance model to work on the development backlog.

SAP enterprise solutions
SAP S/4Hana implementation
Tricentis test automation
SAP enterprise solutions
Enterprise platform support
SAP architecture design


Whether you are just getting started on your digitalization journey, or about to reach a fully-servitized business model, we've got your back. Using agile development methodology, we stay by your side every step of the way. Agile development helps us maintain the ability to redirect development efforts as and when needed, based on data and feedback gained from customers or other ecosystem stakeholders.


Verification of value creation

We can help you identify use cases that drive servitization, such as market shifts or operations bottlenecks. We can help assess the expected financial impact of different development initiatives and prioritize them. Furthermore, we can map the impacts the initiatives have on internal and external stakeholders.


Purpose-built data and system architecture

To help with your IT/OT convergence, we identify all relevant processes, systems and data sources. We can evaluate your current architecture and assess which internal stakeholders need to be engaged. We then design a system and data architecture that serves your needs well into the future.


Sustainable solutions are agile

We use agile development with clear roles both for business and SW development. We then create a roadmap with a development backlog based on selected criteria. We help pick the technologies that can fulfill future requirements and lead development and deployment using appropriate gates and processes.