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Artificial Intelligence

Here’s 7 easy ways you can start using generative AI at work now


1. Summarizing text

When time is short and there’s a lot to read, generative AI can go through long texts and give you a summary of what they contain – you can even specify how long you want the summary to be (for example, three main points). The summary may not be perfect, but it should help give you an idea of the main ideas in the text. 

2. Translating text 

Generative AI can be used to translate text while at the same time adjusting it to suit the tone you’re looking for or summarizing it into a few main points instead of translating everything. 

3. Brainstorming sessions

Generative AI can be a partner in helping you come up with ideas – just ask the tool to brainstorm with you about a topic.  

4. Doing sentiment analysis 

Generative AI can extract negative and positive words from a text which can be used to determine the overall emotional tone of a text. This can for example be used on customer reviews or feedback to quickly determine how a product or service is being received.  

5. Creating software code
Generative AI can create software code from a description you give the tool. The code won’t be perfect or probably even usable as such, but with editing you can end up with something useful. 

6. Creating documentation
For software developers, generative AI can be used to create documentation. Generative AI can create descriptions of code snippets in natural language.  

7. Generating text 

And of course, generative AI is meant for creating content – just give instructions about what text you want and the writing style. You don’t have to use the text directly but it can be good inspiration for writing your own piece. It’s important to check the facts in any produced texts independently to make sure they are accurate as generative AI is known to sometimes make things up. It’s also a good idea to be open and credit the AI tools you used when creating content. 

Note: this article was written based on our experience with using generative AI tools, plus a brainstorming session with ChatGPT.