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Improving Online Customer Experiences Through Modern Technologies

Vincit Talks
October 8th 2021
Last month at Vincit, we had our first ever Arizona Dev Talks event, which was a great success! We welcomed guests from Vincit and the local tech community for an in-person and virtual event. In case you missed it, here’s a rundown of the night’s event and a chance to watch it for yourself whenever you please!
We started the evening with drinks, snacks, and socializing. When 6:30 hit, guests then moved into the Better Business Bureau’s spacious conference room for the main event. Ville Houttu, Vincit USA’s CEO, provided guests with a warm welcome while also introducing Matt Fehling, the Pacific Southwest BBB’s CEO to the guests in attendance. Both CEO’s thanked the crowd for their presence that night and highlighted the importance of having the local technology community come together to share their expertise and grow.
With introductions out of the way, the main event kicked off. Four experts in the field, two from Vincit and two guests, shared their thoughts on the topic of improving online customer experiences with modern technologies. Moderator Sean Richards from Vincit USA posed a variety of questions for the panelists, which featured Liz Magura, the creative director for UI/UX from the University of Phoenix; Leah Segawa, a UX designer from Vincit USA; Britni Gallello, the VP of owned media from Pinnacle Advertising; and Austin Chauncey, a software developer from Vincit USA. Each panelist had a unique perspective on the night’s discussion topic, which made for a lively conversation. Questions asked during the panel ranged from the current state of UX/UI in the workplace to predictions of how it will expand in the future.
The in-person guests were also joined by virtual attendees from the UX/UI and software development community who watched the panel discussion via Zoom and posed questions for the panelists at the end of the event.
Did you miss the event? Don’t worry, you can still watch it below. Don’t forget to join us for our next event, which is planned for early 2022.

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