Recognize Your Supplier

Ville Houttu
January 25th 2019
We are privileged to have a high number of clients who have given us a right for public reference. Some of these are presented here.
We have also heard a number of reasons, why some of our clients refuse to give a public reference. Reasons such as “it is our company policy…” or “marketing division have decided that…”. Some companies also consider us as their competitive advantage, in which case they do not want to disclose the development partner with their competitors.
These and many other reasons are all reasonable and valid. But in my opinion, the positive effects and benefits of giving recognition always outweigh potential exposure involved.

1. Pride + Ownership = Motivation

Most of our projects are complex mobile apps or web systems which take several months and sometimes years to build. When the product/service is successfully launched, there is an incredible amount of professional pride among the team.
This pride and ownership of the accomplishment and the solution is the greatest source of motivation for the top-of-the-class developers that we employ. Imagine the feeling when the developers are finally able to tell their friends & family: “It’s launched - this is what I have been working for the last eleven months!”.
Would you, as a client, want to take this moment away from them?

2. Continuous Improvement

Motivated employees are not the only benefit that the client will get when recognizing the team of their good work. When the developers feel ownership of the launched product/service they will actively have their network of people testing it, and get immediate feedback on what should be improved. They will also get these improvements or fixes implemented feeling it is their “baby” and should be tuned into perfection.
Are you willing to lose this irreplaceable group of pilot testers and fine-tuners?

3. Extra Slice of Promotion

Let’s not forget the positive publicity and extra promotion you will get with your supplier highlighting you on their channels. We live an era of the constant battle of the wall space. Companies will highly benefit on getting their message across and should encourage anything that will improve their SEO.
Do you want to limit your promotion potential, when you could get all this with zero cost?

Our Suppliers

Vincit California had a very successful year 2018 supported by, and in many ways powered by, our suppliers and service providers (not in any particular order):
  • OutsideGC
  • Ogletree, Deakins, Nash
  • Escalon
  • Mission Accounting
  • Borenius Attorneys
  • TALG Law
  • Insperity
  • Irvine Company Office Leasing
  • House of Color
  • SAA
  • Pedal Industries
  • Lhoycel Photography
  • Integra Services
Dear Suppliers: please take this as recognition and as a thank-you for all the great work you have put in. It has been my pleasure getting to know you, and I’m looking forward to working with you in 2019.

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