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Blog: Vincit and Bilot Are Planning a Merger


Bilot and Vincit are planning a merger. Read more about what it means for clients and employees here.

Meet Bilot: A pioneer in digitalization who since 2005 has optimized the customer experiences of their clients using the industry’s most significant innovations in digital services, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. With a team of 250 employees in Finland, Sweden, and Poland, Bilot offers hands-on consulting and a holistic service suite ranging from branding strategy to SAP lifecycle services.

And then there’s Vincit, who you all know and love. Famous for our no-nonsense approach to custom software development and our playful style, Vincit’s team of 600+ employees around the world is growing fast.

Together, we are going to become even more.

Vincit and Bilot Are Teaming Up

So why are we planning a merger? The reason is simple: we complement each other perfectly. Our combined expertise in digital business and customer experience, as well as human-centric design, data, software development and technology platforms, gives us a new competitive edge.

With our powers combined, we’re going to be able to partner with our clients like never before with holistic services that guide every stage of the digital experience. We’ll continue to offer world-class services in mobile app development, embedded systems, and more. Not only will we have the business consultation and projection tools to help companies define and grow their strategy, but we’ll have unprecedented resources to draw from while coding innovative custom software solutions from the ground up.

Looking Forward…

This merger helps us adapt to the changing needs of modern industries, better serve our customers, and create new opportunities for growth. Bringing the resources of both Vincit and Bilot to bear, we’ll become more competitive players on the world stage.

At the same time, both companies are utterly committed to preserving the elements that have helped us thrive over the last few years. Vincit will continue to be an excellent place to work, attracting world-class talent and leading the way in human-focused digital solutions.

We’re excited to see where this can take us in the future and we encourage our clients to stay tuned to learn more as the merger is finalized.

Some Common Questions

How will this affect me as a client?

Until the merger is officially finalized, both companies will continue to operate independently. We’ll have more information as things unfold, but we’re confident that the biggest impact to our customers will be expanded service capabilities that will help us implement the most complex and ambitious project you can dream up.

How will this affect me as an employee?

Both Vincit and Bilot have a thriving and dynamic cultural ecosystem. We believe that, as Vincit Finland CEO Julius says, we are similar enough to work well together and different enough to create something new and unique. With mutual respect and interest, we encourage our Vincitizens to welcome our new colleagues with open arms. This merger only means more growth and opportunities for upward mobility for each of our employees.

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