What is Shopify Plus?

Brian Walsh
July 22nd 2020

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an extension of the platform that has been created by Shopify, in order to service the emerging enterprise ecommerce market. This Plus version of Shopify is built specifically for existing large online stores, and also rapidly growing brands. It’s a hosted platform completely customized, staffed, and priced for the market of big brand businesses.
The service describes itself as such: “Shopify Plus is the only cost-effective enterprise platform that’s built for change.”
The concept of Shopify Plus was created to help Shopify compete against those established, larger ecommerce providers like Magento, Volusion, and Demandware. It puts the business owner in control of what their site says to the world.

Shopify Plus Features and Benefits

Shopify Plus Apps - To break down the difference between Shopify Standard and Shopify Plus, here is a list of features and benefits on the 2.0 platform. Users of Shopify Plus receive access to the following:
Shopify Flow: This key benefit is all about creator control and preference. Flow allows customization and automation of inventory and order processes that were previously manual -- which makes utilizing internal resources more efficient and less prone to mistakes.
Shopify Launchpad: Think campaign scheduler. Launchpad will proactively prepare and schedule major sales events or product releases on command. Create settings to automatically roll-out themes, collections pages and site-wide discounts while using the campaign dashboard to analyze and pivot based on performance.
Shopify Pay: Payment settings and memory allows customers to skip entering their shipping and payment information details when they buy from you, or any store on Shopify, that is also using Shopify Payments. Such quick convenience can lead to repeat purchasing.
Shopify Plus Merchant Success Program: As larger companies with more sway and input, part of the newly developed merchant program includes being granted access to features such as Specialized Support systems, Shopify Plus Academy in order to promote industry learning, a Merchant Growth Model to track profit, tracing of Platform and Ecosystem for user-friendly experiences, and the Plus Community of like-minded business owners.
Shopify Scripts: These newly written codes or ‘scripts’ allow for features like a shopping cart automation tool for dynamic upselling or cross-promoted sales and automatic discounting. Or intuitively removing certain payment and shipping methods depending on the consumer or the contents of the cart.
Wholesale Channels: B2B channels have been built-in for your reseller network to submit purchase orders. Create multiple price lists to curate product availability and pricing based on the customer. Allow your customers to check-out and pay online, or submit payment orders and pay later, based on net terms.
Other Shopify Benefits
Multilingual and Multi-Currency Feature: Unlike the base level platform, Shopify Plus sites can now operate in multiple languages, currencies and countries around the world.
Expanded API Integration: Shopify Plus also permits for a much wider range of API integrations, allowing for major customizations to your processes and tech stack. Create modified functionality for high GMV merchants using APIs exclusive to the Shopify Plus interface. In addition, stores benefit from 5x API call rates with Plus, improving data flow efficiencies between your Shopify Plus platform and third party systems (ie. ERP, PIM, OMS etc.)
Discount & Gift Card AP: Last but not least, it’s important to note that with Shopify Plus, one can create discount codes and gift cards for customers to use toward your site.

How Much Does Shopify Plus Cost

Shopify Plus has a unique set of fees for each client, based on what features each online store or brand would like included in their package. So in order to find out what you would pay for the service, you must request a quote. There figures may give you a ballpark idea:
Monthly Platform Fee
  • $2,000/month or 0.25% of monthly revenue (whichever is higher)
  • Only start paying the 0.25% when sales exceed $800,000+/monthly
  • For example; if in one month you sell $1,000,000, the platform fee would be $2,500.00
Shopify Payments Credit Card Rates
  • Domestic: 2.15% + $0.30
  • International / Amex: 3.15% + $0.30
Third Party Payment Gateway Fee
  • 0.15% when using a 3rd Party Payment Gateway
  • Fee is waived if the Payment Gateway is Shopify Payments
The fees will ultimately vary depending on the volume of your sales, as well as the needs of your business. This could include design needs, tech, and growth variables for some.

Is Shopify plus for me?

If you’re leaning toward creating a Shopify Plus account, remember that it is a great fit for those companies whose ecommerce operations are growing quickly and are looking for enterprise solutions before spinning out of control.
You’re likely a good candidate for Shopify Plus if your business needs to manage a large number of SKU’s and variants on a regular basis.
If you find that you need more advanced integrations that require Shopify add-ons or APIs that are available only for Plus clients, we suggest erring on the side of an inclusive platform like Shopify Plus.
And finally, consider upgrading if you have exhausted the uses out of the ready-made Shopify apps that no longer improve your user experience, or have reached their limitations for your ecommerce website.


Shopify Plus has quickly become a big player in the enterprise Ecommerce game for growing brands who wish to be in control of their site’s customizations and consumer convenience. If your online store is expanding and out-growing your current Shopify platform, and needs a higher level of complexity and power, Shopify Plus may be the way to go.

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