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Creating the best place to grow – Univincity 2.0


Welcome to Univincity 2.0, where expertise meets innovation! Our goal at Vincit is to provide a workplace that fosters personal and professional growth for our employees while also building on our strong reputation for excellence. Through our in-house learning shop, called Univincity, we help define what it means to create the best place to grow.

Hi! I’m Aki and I’ve recently joined Vincit as a Learning Experience Director with the goal of revamping our existing in-house learning concept Univincity – as well as to build a strong growth journey for each Vincitizen. What could be a more intriguing starting point for a reformer?

Today versus tomorrow

As of today, Univincity relies strongly on social learning solutions and activities driven by our professional learning communities – such as study groups and knowledge-sharing sessions. Additionally, we’ve provided instructor-led training for topics like agile, project leadership, and facilitation. These topics and methods have been selected by individuals through common agreement in communities and they represent the look and feel of our culture. 

Our vision for the future is as follows: we’d like to take Univincity to the next level when it comes to structure and coverage. This means Univincity would serve all roles and locations, especially now that Vincit has grown to new business areas through acquisitions. We also need to clarify the focus of our learning solutions, to better address today’s business needs as well as the key competencies of tomorrow such as AI or sustainability. On top of all this, we aim to use Univincity as a competitive edge by offering some of these benefits to our wider ecosystem of partners and customers as well. 

But why do all this in the first place? The current market climate is evolving strongly – as well as our offering – so we need to adapt by also updating our learning and development offering. My personal belief is that those organizations that can provide the right mechanisms to arm their employees for tomorrow's challenges and identify key competencies will be the winners in this race we’re all in!

How are we planning to do this?

We’ve kick-started the planning process with a roadshow that has elements from service design, meaning we’re shaping and clarifying the plan as the show progresses. The idea is that we’ll have raised awareness, engagement, and the quality of the plan by the end of the roadshow. 

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in an airport and waiting for my flight to Poznan to entertain our Polish colleagues using this method. At this point in the roadshow schedule, I can already say that this approach has been successful and has “ticked all the boxes” – meaning that we already have enough clarity to start taking concrete steps in August after the summer holidays. 

My approach to the overall planning is to be as agile as possible, meaning we don’t plan any further than we have to. We start from the building blocks that provide the most value and that can be taken into production as soon as possible. My product backlog has enough space to fulfill all necessary needs, it’s just the order of things where I want to focus.

The definition of “done”

Obviously, we’re never done when it comes to continuous learning, but what does success look like in this case? There are three criteria: 

1. All of our employees feel like they can benefit from Univincity 2.0 solutions and the processes and guidelines serve them equally. 

2. We offer a blended growth journey where something fits most situations and it’s powered by support and guidance from our organization and leaders. 

3. We’ve identified topics and methods that address the market needs of today and tomorrow. This means there will be externals lining up and ready to pay for our learning solutions. 

With these opening thoughts and plans, I leave you to think about how your organization, business area, or team is preparing for the similar challenges that we’re all facing today. I hope this awoke your interest to learn more about this topic after the holidays. Enjoy the summer!