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Extraordinary things are created together – what we mean by Vincit’s new value


In recent years, Vincit has undergone a lot of growth through mergers and acquisitions, which means we’ve had to update our organization’s identity. The approach we believe in is summed up in the phrase "Extraordinary things are created together". 

We didn’t just pull this idea out of a hat – we crafted the concept in an open and collaborative process, with Vincitizens contributing to discussions and studies about what makes their work meaningful. The emphasis on Vincit’s communities was one thing that stood out during these discussions, and we soon realized this was a key differentiator for us.

What does "together" mean for Vincit?

When we say we create extraordinary things together, we mean there should be a balance between individualism and collectivism. People value freedom and responsibility at work, but there's also a growing need for a sense of community – especially as our work culture evolves with such things as remote work. 

That’s why at Vincit we actively invest in fostering a sense of community, whether through professional groups, local communities, interest-based collectives – even a “President of Fun” who initiates enjoyable activities. Vincit is more than a workplace, it’s a place where people can find like-minded individuals who share their interests. This sense of belonging extends beyond our internal teams to include customers and partners as part of our collective.

Our vision for the future

Looking ahead, we see that Vincit will continue to grow and strengthen this sense of community. Ensuring that every employee, regardless of background, has an equal experience is crucial. Future challenges like changes in work culture and increasing diversity demand continual adaptation and development. Our collective intelligence will guide and help us understand and appreciate diverse skills and backgrounds.

With our focus on doing things together, Vincit aims to continue our journey towards a better, more diverse work life where fun and professionalism go hand in hand. This is our promise – not just to Vincitizens, but also to our clients and partners. We will continue our extraordinary journey together