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Our work


Ensuring better digital services for Pohjantähti and their customers 

Pohjantähti Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1895 and is owned by its customers. One of Pohjantähti’s key goals is to offer the highest level of customer service to their private and business customers through user-friendly online services – and Vincit’s expertise helped make this possible. 

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Pohjantähti office

The challenge – a complex partner landscape 

Pohjantähti offers a wide variety of digital services that were being developed and maintained by several partners. This meant it was challenging to coordinate work and there was a complicated vendor landscape. 

Pohjantähti wanted to simplify and make it easier to improve their digital services by centralising development and maintenance to a team that would have a holistic understanding of all the systems and their dependencies. 


The results of this project speak for themselves. Vincit delivered everything we needed and has helped us to implement valuable new features for our customers. The cooperation with Vincit has been excellent – we have a partnership based on open communication and trust.

Jukka Grönroos, Pohjantähti, CIO

The solution – working with one partner for many key needs

Pohjantähti chose us to take over the maintenance and development of the majority of their digital services. We started by familiarizing ourselves with their many digital apps to be able to work on them as needed. 

Throughout the project, we worked with Pohjantähti in an agile way based on open and direct communication. As our cooperation deepened, we began implementing new services for Pohjantähti to improve their customer experience. It’s especially important that their digital services are easy to use as customers use them to make claims and the process should be as smooth as possible. 

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Expertise used

Frontend & backend development
UI design
Business design

The impact – a better experience for customers and Pohjantähti

An easier online claims process

With numerous data sources now integrated into their digital services, Pohjantähti can display more useful information to customers to make the claims process more user-friendly. 

A smoother environment for developing digital services 

Pohjantähti has a simpler vendor landscape now for their digital services. This makes it easier to have a big picture view and ensure the best customer experience possible. Vincit also has a wide range of capable experts that can be added to the project as needed. 

Making work more convenient 

We developed new digital services also for Pohjantähti employees that make their work easier and ensure they stay compliant with regulations.