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Web portal helps to make the dreams of the elderly come true

Arvokas vanhuus ARVA ry promotes good quality in old age. The association’s essential operating method is Unelmatehdas, whose main idea is to make the dreams of the elderly come true. It all started with the idea that people of all ages have dreams.

Arvokas vanhuus ARVA ry is an association for everyone who is interested in ensuring a good life for the elderly. The goal of the association is to help the elderly live a meaningful life in line with their personal values, even when their own capacity to do this has been reduced. The result of our collaboration was a web portal that makes it possible to make the important dreams of the elderly come true.

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Emotive web portal

In the spring of 2019, ARVA ry wanted to increase the impact of its work for the benefit of the elderly. A new concept was created for this purpose: the Unelmatehdas (Dream Factory) portal, an open channel for making the dreams of individual dreamer’s a reality.

One of the considerations when designing the portal was that, down the line, it should also allow anyone to express their dreams. The goal of the project was to provide the lives of the elderly with joyful moments and fond trips down memory lane, while taking into account the bigger picture: building a new culture for the elderly that highlights their individuality and uniqueness.

Vincit has built us a web portal that enables us to fulfil the dreams of vulnerable elderly people. It has been wonderful to see how the people at Vincit have invested not only their professionalism but also their hearts in the project. Their commitment to the project has been exemplary – and we have always moved forwards with the small customer in mind – a strong recommendation if you are looking for a professional, receptive partner.

Jari Pirhonen, Researcher, PHD, Faculty of social sciences and the gerontology research center

Enabling a life full of dreams

The project kicked off by mapping the existing role of charity in ARVA’s operations via people who had participated through different channels. The idea was to design the new portal so that it would evoke emotions and dreams, both in the people collecting the dreams and those making them come true. By interviewing and engaging older people, partners and ARVA’s employees, a clear vision was created of what the new service should be like and what its impact should be.

The technical implementation sought to strike a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. The end result was a portal that makes it possible to finance the dreams of the elderly, either in part or in full. The payment transactions to fund the dreams were integrated via the service.


Expertise used

UX design
UI design
Web development
Software development

Enabling a life full of dreams

The final product published was the first version of the web-based portal, which will also be very easy to develop in the future. The portal provides the users with a new personal way to do charity work in areas that the users find personally interesting. Everything happens transparently and in the service of the contributors. Even though the portal has only been active for a short while, several dreams have already been realized.

In addition to the benefactors, the Unelmatehdas portal acts as an important information channel for engaging new partners. What’s more, it creates a foundation for developing old-age culture as a whole.