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Blog: Designing health and welfare apps is a precise business


The health and welfare industry is the largest industry in the world, and it continues to grow by more than 5% every year. When designing an app for the health and welfare industry, it’s important to think about how the different user groups, such as patients and healthcare professionals, would be using the app. Design and development becomes more complex with every system and device integration and every potential situation of use. A well-designed app is able to account for a multitude of different use scenarios and user needs without compromising data security.

Organizations in the health and welfare industry often use a wide range of databases, software, devices, and data security solutions to manage both patient and organization data. This always creates a challenge that should be acknowledged from the very first stages of designing a new app.

User interface and user experience

When designing an app, you must be aware of all its users and understand the kinds of features they need from the app. The user interface and the user experience are an important part of the development process. A cumbersome or defective user interface will negatively affect the user experience by causing confusion and frustration. This will ultimately deter users from your app. The user interface must be functional for all users, including patients, healthcare professionals and administrative personnel. A wide range of different user groups is a challenge that demands time to solve. Your app will not be a success if it’s not easy to use.

Data protection and cyber security are a must for health and welfare apps

If you’re planning to develop an app for the health and welfare industry, data security should be at the top of your agenda. This is especially true for healthcare organizations that are responsible for handling patient data. On the other hand, even though data protection is extremely important in app development, a balance must be struck between security concerns and providing a positive user experience through an efficient and functional user interface.

The development of health and welfare apps is also governed by various standards and data protection regulations. It’s vital that your app comply with these requirements, as neglecting the protection of patient data may lead to data breaches and legal sanctions. Getting a sales permit for your app may require compliance with certain regulations for the duration of the whole development process. To ensure compliance, you should find a partner with knowledge and experience on the various regulations used in the industry.

Tackle the tricky bits

It’s easy to get excited about new technologies and innovative ideas, but always remember that clever app design should make use of tried-and-tested technologies and processes. Apps designed for the health and welfare industry must be secure and easy to use. They should also provide options for integrations to other systems. Any app must meet the needs of the people using it. Keep this in mind during your development process to pave way for your success.

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