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Blog: Eemeli's Open Source Mix!


The Art of Coding and Open Source Cooperation!

This week we welcome Eemeli Aro into the duck pond!

In this mix, Eemeli Aro flaps his wings and flies all the way from Finland to plop into the duck pond and discuss coding as artistic expression, science fiction fandom, and most importantly, his involvement in the open source community. And of course we find out his favorite band (you haven't heard of them).

Our conversation starts by exploring his involvement in open source. Eemeli has worked on multiple projects, and currently helps maintain messageformat, a mechanism for handling both pluralization and gender in your applications, and yaml, a definitive library for YAML. We end our conversation discussing WorldCon and his favorite music!

Eemeli has a great mindset when it comes to coding, and we really appreciate him taking the time to share his experience!

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