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Blog: The John and Tiffany Mix!


Dragons or Time Travel? And Tech Questions Too

Welcome back for another Duck Tapes mix!

This week we have on special guests... ourselves! Hopefully that works for all you awesome people.

We always love talking with our guests and learning new skills and technologies with them. Today however, John and I jump into the duck pond alone for some genuine 'quality time'.

Join us this episode to learn more about us and the Duck Tapes podcast! We see you all on social media all the time, and it's awesome connecting with our giveaway winners and active listeners online. This week, we wanted to respond to the questions from you on air!

And... we also picked out a few (just a few) more questions for your listening pleasure and entertainment.

This mix, learn the technologies we recommend everyone tries at least once, the tools we love to hate, and the elevator song we would most enjoy listening to on repeat if/when the day comes we are stuck in a broken elevator.

Hope you enjoy hearing from us! The mix was great fun to make together.

Duck Tapes forever~

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