Scott Tolinski Mix!

Tiffany Hall
July 29th 2019

He's Developing Level Up Tutorials while Breakdancing!

This week we welcome Scott Tolinski into the duck pond!
Scott is the creator of Level Up Tutorials, a great website with subscription, buy now, and FREE software development courses. He also co-hosts the tech podcast Syntax, practices breakdancing as a passionate b-boy, and is a loving father who takes it in stride when cute babies and shaggy dogs interrupt his work-from-home lifestyle!
Our conversation took some excellent twists and turns as Scott described his past career experiences, and what it was like working for major enterprise companies like Ford. He also took the time to describe in great detail the process and stack of technologies he used to develop his current business -Level Up Tutorials- from scratch (no framework)!
Scott has so many stories it was impossible to hear them all, and we hope he makes the time to join us again soon!
WEEKLY GIVEAWAY!! We are giving TWO Duck Tapes subscribers access to Scott's brand new course! His newest Level Up Tutorials course features ecommerce development, and you will learn to use modern technologies Gatsby, Stripe and Shopify to create a fully-functional online store!
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