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Blog: Ville Houttu, Vincit USA CEO, Wins Big at Nordic Business Forum Semi-Finals


Vincit USA's CEO, Ville Houttu, is a man of many talents. However, not many people know that he's also an excellent speaker. Not many people knew, that is, until now.

We're proud to announce that today, Ville won the Nordic Business Forum's 2022 Speaker Contest Tallinn Semifinal. Addressing an audience of fellow entrepreneurs located throughout the world, Ville shared the origin story of our CEO of the Day program. His talk helped other business leaders understand the greater need for trust between businesses and their employees in the face of the Great Resignation and our rapidly fluctuating workplace.

What's next? As winner in the semifinal, Ville will be participating in the finals, held in Helsinki on May 31, 2022 and streamed live. Enjoy the recording of Ville's talk, and join us May 31st to hear from other great speakers about the future of work, office culture, and sustainability.