William Candillon Mix!

Tiffany Hall
Sep 9, 2019
Yes, It CAN Be Done in React Native, but You Need to Use Trigonometry (joke! kind of)

This week we welcome William Candillon into the duck pond!

Will is the awesome creator of the equally awesome series 'Can It Be Done in React Native?' His series teaches developers how to create beautiful, smooth and unique animations within the React Native framework. One of our core takeaways after speaking with Will is to always code your animations declaratively, not imperatively if you expect smooth, consistent behavior (if that's not your goal, then you can code however you want).

Our conversation with Will turned to fascinating sneak peeks of his brand new website for teaching React Native development and animations. His site Start-React-Native.dev is a full walkthrough of seemingly complex animation libraries. However, when Will is teaching you how to develop transition, gesture, swipe, SVG, spring and dynamic physics-based animations it's not very hard to keep up. He's good like that.

Will we loved talking with you and think your work is awesome! Good luck with your continued series and new website course!

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