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Blog: React Native Mix Vol.1!


The Awesomeness that is React Native!

This week we welcome Otto Kivikärki into the duck pond!

Otto is a great addition to our round table discussion of React Native! As someone who uses React Native near daily, he specializes in the framework's unique features and abilities. He is also acutely aware of the danger points of using a non-native solution for mobile development, and he shares all of his tips and tricks for getting started successfully!

Our discussion begins with the huge advantages of the React Native framework, and moves forward into common libraries we always include in our projects. We discuss the important differences between developing and testing on iOS vs Android (there are a few big ones!), and simple solutions to those platform inconsistencies. Most importantly, when using this technology always feel welcome to post questions and ask for advice online. The React Native consulting community is active and huge!

Thank you for joining us again Otto! We always look forward to having you with us!

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