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Career story, Kimmo Nahkamäki: Putting your team and clients first

Account Director Kimmo Nahkamäki may be a fresh face at Vincit, but the seasoned IT veteran instantly hit it off with his team in his first major project. Now Kimmo is convinced that Vincit is where he truly belongs.

Thinking different during the IT boom

When a person has seen it all, they can better appreciate a workplace that has the right drive and attitude. That is why Kimmo applied to Vincit as soon as he heard about the company’s plans to open a new office in Jyväskylä.

“When I was a student, my initial plan was to head into the restaurant business, but then I got swept into the Nokia hype in the early 2000s. You could say that I got a great head start in my IT career, but after over 20 years in the business, I needed a change. I’d always had a high regard for Vincit, and I was really excited to apply to a different kind of workplace. Luckily, they needed what I had to offer, and now work feels really fun and interesting again.”

One order of doing and solving, hold the hierarchy

Kimmo’s new career at Vincit also aligns better with his personal values, which strongly relate to the size of a company, the way it operates, and a no-nonsense hierarchy.
“My previous employer grew into one the largest companies in the world, and the inevitable result was an unhealthy mix of organizational silos. Vincit, on the other hand, is at a scale where you can still work in an open, flexible, and fun way. A big part of what makes any job enjoyable is the ability to focus on the tasks and issues that really matter.

Caring for your team and clients

As an Account Director, Kimmo’s role is to lead his team and serve as the key liaison for his clients. This requires a sharp eye and paying attention to the needs of everyone involved. Although every solution is powered by technology, your team members are still the ones doing the heavy lifting.

“My job is to help all types of personalities move in the same direction for the good of the task at hand. At the same time, I’m also responsible for my team’s wellbeing, since a happy team means more quality for our clients. This position is just right for me, as I’ve always been a people person. I like to spar people and provide support, including the occasional sympathetic shoulder.”

Kimmo 2.0

After starting at his new job, Kimmo decided to update his life as well by taking advantage of the health benefits Vincit provides to its employees. At the same time, he rekindled his passion for a long-forgotten hobby.
“Although I’ve got three fairly young kids at home, I do have time for other things as well. I’m currently training with a PT, and I play floorball with the company team. It felt great to dust off my old stick, but it’s been so long that all its grip tape just crumbled away. Clearly, it was high time to get back on the field!”

If Vincit were a wine, it would be a Pinot Noir

In addition to sports, Kimmo is an avid wine connoisseur. When it comes to different varieties, Kimmo instantly knows which grape best describes his current employer.
“Without a doubt, Vincit is a Pinot Noir. It’s such a versatile grape. It comes in a variety of options, from more developed and full-bodied flavors to younger, perkier, and lighter ones. And it’s also keen to challenge the more dominant grapes in its field. A slightly underutilized variety, but a fine one at that.”

The recipe for success

Kimmo is very satisfied with his change in careers. He enjoys tackling interesting challenges, and he has nothing but praise for his coworkers and their suitably laid-back attitude.
“We’re a community here, and everyone is ready to chip in and help each other. I also like that people don’t take things too seriously – we can have a good laugh and let our clients join in on the fun, too. You know that you’re doing something right when a client tells you that your project was a lot of fun to be a part of!”