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Marianne Cairenius: Turning data into business insights

“Coding is a valuable skill in the marketplace, yet you don’t necessarily have to be a developer to enter a career in technology. The customer mindset and willingness to learn, however, are a must,” says Marianne Cairenius, SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant.

Marianne is a people-oriented problem solver, who loves to manage big entities. In her job, she helps clients develop their business data reporting, analytics and data warehousing. She transforms business data from different solutions into comprehensive reporting and analysis of the customer's entire business, in an easy-to-interpret format.

Passion for customer service

Marianne’s technical expertise includes SAP Business Warehouse, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects, among others.

“Besides technology, you need to be skilled in understanding customers’ business and their needs as well as have an insight into how business and IT communicate with each other. Good social skills are crucial. I enjoy customer work and all the social interaction that goes with it. In long-term customer relationships, you really get to work on building loyalty and trust,” Marianne tells.

Marianne joined Bilot, now part of Vincit, in 2021. She had ended up working in IT a bit by chance. A lucky accident, some might say.

While studying for her master’s degree in Information and Service Management at Aalto University, she was interested in many fields of business. Eventually she landed a traineeship in an IT company and soon advanced to a position of SAP BI Consultant. A few years later, she opened her LinkedIn app and noticed that her former colleague had joined Bilot. Marianne started to look for more information about the company and liked what she learned. She soon came across a job opening for her current position - and the rest is history.

Culture celebrating freedom and teamwork

What initially attracted Marianne was the interesting growth phase the company was in, the low hierarchy and the freedom of work. And the first impression did not disappoint.

According to Marianne, the work culture is characterized by an appreciation of individuality. Everyone can be themselves. People are given independence, decision-making power and lots of responsibility for their own decisions.

“I have the freedom to decide how I do my job as long as I meet my targets and my customers’ needs. But at the same time, we are all true believers of teamwork. You are surrounded by highly skilled and experienced colleagues who will provide the support you need, if you just ask,” Marianne reminds.

She describes her work community as relaxed and tolerant. Humor plays a big part in the culture and lightens things up even in challenging situations.

Feeding curiosity to develop

To stay ahead, Marianne’s team constantly shares expertise in new tools and solutions, and she has developed her tech skills especially in new reporting tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud.

“I get to deepen and broaden my skills in areas that I personally find most interesting. We are also offered good opportunities to attend trainings and to study for certificates. Technology is developing rapidly, so you need to be eager and curious to learn,” Marianne emphasizes.

Marianne feels that it is vital for career advancement that jobs are first offered to existing employees, before they are advertised outside the company.

“I was encouraged to take on a new role as BI lead for a customer, which came with more responsibility. It’s great that my employer has trust in my future potential and is not clinging to years of experience,“ she tells.

Work-life in balance

In consulting, work can be fast-paced at times, and it is important to care for yourself and create a healthy work-life balance.“I love the fact that I’m in a job that leaves energy also for life outside work. There are situations where flexibility may be necessary, but in principle, we stick to normal working hours. For me, enjoying sports and outdoor activities and meeting with friends and family are the most efficient ways to get thoughts off work,” Marianne says.

Marianne joined the team in the midst of change: During her first year, the company carried out acquisitions and soon merged with Vincit. The society was still coping with Covid-19 pandemic. The key theme of the year was the promotion of well-being at work. Among other things, employees were trained to be each other's wellness mentors in various well-being-related themes, such as balancing work and leisure, coping in a challenging life situation or a lifestyle change.

Marianne also appreciates the vast range of leisure activities offered: team nights, work anniversary celebrations, Christmas parties and dinners together. “These are small gestures, yet they mean so much and signal that your well-being is important.”

Seizing the opportunities

And what’s in store for Marianne in the future?

“My advice to everyone would be to not plan your career in detail, but to seize the opportunities that come your way. I could one day see myself as a team leader, supporting others in their work. In the more near future, I’m excited to be actively involved in developing Vincit’s Rising Star program and acting as a mentor for junior BI consultants. In addition to seniors, technology needs younger professionals, all genders, to grow into their roles.”