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Career story, Hannu Fonselius: A love for C64 led to a career in system architecture

As the story goes, when a parent purchases a Commodore 64, a new system architect is born. In addition to playing games on his father’s C64, young Hannu Fonselius soon discovered its BASIC interpreter and a love for programming. This sparked a lifelong interest in coding that has led to a career in IT and a host of increasingly ambitious projects.

Evolving roles and responsibilities

While Hannu began his career as a software developer, he soon became involved in the architectural side of development as well. Along the way, he has worked as a Scrum Master and now serves as the lead on a large project.

“I’m currently part of two wide-ranging projects, and I’m the lead in one of them. They’re already in production, which means that we need to make sure that everything is proceeding as planned. We also need to actively continue their development, but that’s pretty typical for the field. As we all know, a solution is rarely done and dusted. There’s always something to improve, be it big or small.”

The best results take their time

Hannu describes himself as a patient and analytical person, which is a big benefit for anyone involved in coding and system architecture. Sometimes finding the right solution can take its time or even a good night’s sleep.

“You can’t get discouraged or lose your nerve in this business, even if you can’t crack a problem instantly. A system architect needs to be able to focus on a large variety of options, because otherwise you won’t be able to offer the best solutions to your clients. You can’t get too attached to the first idea you come across.”

Learning is the name of the game

According to Hannu, the world of information systems and projects continues to evolve at a rapid pace; the field’s fascination with cloud-based solutions is only increasing, as is the potential for the widespread adoption of AI.

“Learning new things is what really motivates me. Each project is an opportunity to learn more about the latest and greatest in each field, so there’s never a dull day at this job. I certainly don’t feel stuck in any sense of the word!”

Gaming remains a core passion

While Hannu likes to spend time outdoors, eat good food and read good books, his love for gaming still burns the brightest.
“That passion for computer games hasn’t gone anywhere. Nowadays, I like both modern and retro games, and I still have my old Commodore 64 hooked up and ready to go. Right now, I’m more into narratively driven games, but I’ll never say no to a round of Counter-Strike or Battlefield.”

It pays to heed the future

The aforementioned cloud-based services have also had an impact on system architecture, but where the field is headed is anyone’s guess. According to Hannu, the best part is that Vincit is wholly invested in providing diverse opportunities for personal development and growth.

“Predicting the future is really hard, but that’s why I’m taking a course on cloud-based environments. I’d also wager that the future of software development will be in modifying more off-the-shelf software with tailor-made solutions. Naturally, this also means that everyone needs to be invested in their professional development.”

Working with the best beats all the rest

Software development is a team effort, and everyone’s contribution can make or break a project. Hannu believes that Vincit is on the right track, as the company has managed to attract the right people with the right attitudes.

“When you get to work with seasoned professionals, things just work. You know that someone is experienced when they aren’t always raring to reinvent the wheel. And everyone is always ready to ask for advice, since they can trust that their colleagues know what they’re talking about.”