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Easily produce SAP apps your business and users will love


Neptune DXP is an SAP-centric, low-code app development platform. When you combine a platform like this with user-centered design and continuous development, you can create digitized and optimized business processes. Basically, Neptune DXP turns your IT organization into an app factory – saving time and money on development, integration, and operations.

Identify key processes and use cases that require custom apps

SAP offers standard solutions for most business requirements and provides a large number of standard Fiori web apps. For many use cases these work fine, but some processes need more. For example in logistics, warehouse management, production, field services, and sales, there are use cases where you could create custom apps to streamline processes, prevent errors, and improve productivity.

It’s important to identify which use cases can use the standard apps and which processes require custom solutions. Custom development should be only for the use cases that bring real business value.

Design and build solutions based on the real needs of real users

Don’t assume what your users want – do research and collect business and user requirements to base your decisions on real needs. Combining business goals and user needs into prototypes and then testing them on real users is our recommended approach.

The goal should be to create simple and intuitive solutions that increase user satisfaction and productivity.

Use Neptune’s app development platform for rapid app development

The features of Neptune DXP help you to reduce overall development time and maintenance costs, shorten the learning curve for developers, and use your existing in-house skill set like ABAP developers. 

Neptune gives you a cost-effective way to build mobile and web apps in SAP systems and quickly respond to new and changing business requirements. User interface development with the drag-and-drop editor is based on building blocks and visible connections to SAP data or API. You can create mockups in minutes and then turn these mockups into real apps.

The platform is SAP certified and compatible with SAP ECC, S/4HANA, and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). It can be directly integrated with existing SAP processes and used as a low-code app development platform for SAP BTP.  

Build your own app factory

With the help of the Neptune DXP low-code platform, you can build your own app factory for continuous design and development. To do this, you’ll need a team of professionals with different roles and skills including a business process expert, designer, and developer. 

It doesn't matter if the team members are in-house people or external consultants. The most important thing is that the team can cooperate and have clear, measurable goals like process and productivity improvements or the number of new apps per month. Good and transparent communication with business and IT and the use of agile software development methods including roadmap, product backlog, and development sprints are also essential for success.

Vincit has been Neptune Software’s partner since 2012. We’ve built hundreds of custom apps for our customers using Neptune DXP. If you’re interested in building your own app factory on a low-code app development platform, contact us to discuss more.