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SAP Enterprise Solutions

We help you to grow your business with SAP Enterprise Solutions

Success in today's fast-paced business environments requires agility, cost-efficiency, and confidence in your decision-making. Highly integrated enterprise solutions, value-adding business core applications, and commerce and customer engagement solutions help lower costs, speed up innovation, and provide a reliable foundation to improve your sales and customer experience. Vincit is uniquely positioned in the market with our end-to-end service portfolio, including proven expertise in business design, best practices, tailor-made software, and leading enterprise solutions.


In order to stay relevant and competitive, you need to ensure that your business processes are digital and adaptable to changing business requirements. Modern cloud-based enterprise solutions allow you to use best practice business scenarios, new innovations, and the latest and always up-to-date technology platforms in an agile way.

Typically organizations need a trusted advisor like Vincit to support and guide them through the transformation from old, isolated on-premise legacy systems and manual ways of working towards integrated and automated end-to-end business processes where data flows are carefully planned, implemented, and tested across different business solutions – and the entire solution landscape architecture supports the business vision and targets.

Business processes frequently span a wide array of technologies and platforms. We can help you to navigate through the alternatives based on our experience with different SAP landscapes combined with strong business design, project, and change management expertise.
Highly integrated applications and solutions will help deliver reliable data from end-to-end processes in real time. This provides much-needed tools for decision-makers and helps with the delivery of a better user experience. A ”clean core” approach is about simplicity, efficiency, and standardization. In a modern SAP architecture, we aim to keep all customizations out of the core of the solution (the ERP) and implement business-specific functionalities in the SAP Business Technology Platform. This approach helps to ensure efficient, future-proof, and highly usable SAP solutions.


We understand your business and processes, so we know how to design services that support your business growth


We can help to choose the best technologies and to implement the best enterprise solutions cost efficiently


We can help you to innovate new business models and processes to differentiate from the competition


We can help to drive ecommerce solutions with a focus on customer experience that helps you to grow your business


No matter if you’re an existing SAP customer, a start-up, or a fast-growing organization just now considering world-class business solutions, we at Vincit can help you. Increasingly digitalized and constantly changing business environments benefit greatly from simplification, standardization, efficiency, visibility, speed, and openness. We can achieve this through the use of intelligent, integrated SAP solutions for customer engagement, core business processes, and cloud development capabilities. 

We offer:


1. Customer engagement solutions aimed at creating happy, loyal customers by understanding and adapting to changes in customer demand and business conditions 

SAP CX (customer experience) solutions are for building comprehensive lifecycle services to support your customers digitally and serve them according to their unique needs. The SAP CX portfolio includes the following solutions:


SAP Commerce Cloud – solution for game-changing commerce and customer portal services whether you are operating in B2B or B2C. As a robust, feature-rich, and scalable ecommerce platform, SAP Commerce Cloud has been selected consistently as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

SAP Customer Data Platform – with this solution, you can surface insights from customer data in real-time across the enterprise to deliver winning engagements, boost revenue, and drive growth.

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management – solution supporting effective customer data management, enabling you to handle customer identity, consent, and authentication through a unified profile used for real-time customer engagement.

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement – digital marketing solution. Customer engagement platform can help you deliver personalized, real-time engagements at scale that increase retention and loyalty.

SAP Service Cloud – solution that revolutionizes customer service management by creating meaningful connections throughout the customer journey.

SAP Sales Cloud – modern cloud-based CRM solution. Deliver exceptional sales experiences by tapping into a 360-degree view of every customer and interaction, your sales organization can deliver customer-centric sales engagements, leading to increased revenue and lifetime loyalty.

SAP CPQ – cloud solution for quoting Configurable and Subscription products. It helps in configuring complicated products with multiple characteristics, calculates prices, generates appealing printouts. CPQ speeds up whole process of preparing offers with margin protection.


In addition, we are partners with SAP key cooperation partners Contentful, Coveo, and Akeneo.


2. Core business solutions that provide the backbone of your operations, with the ability to grow and transform with your business needs

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the most complete and advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform in the markets. S/4HANA solution provides modular yet integrated business scenarios to streamline and run your core business processes across sales, purchasing, warehouses, projects, manufacturing, service, and finance – with embedded analytics, AI, and other technology capabilities.


For industry-specific requirements, we can extend the core ERP with best-of-breed cloud solutions like:


SAP Extended Warehouse Management – with this modern, flexible warehouse management system (WMS), you can manage a high volume of goods and run sustainable, risk-resilient operations with digitalized warehouse processes in the cloud.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud – manufacturing execution system (MES) that supports sustainable, risk-resilient manufacturing operations through a resource-efficient Industry 4.0 approach.

SAP Integrated Business Planning – this cloud-based solution combines sales and operations planning (S&OP), forecasting and demand, response and supply, demand-driven replenishment, and inventory planning.

SAP Field Service Management – for advanced field service operations to resolve customer issues faster with comprehensive, proactive, AI-enabled field service management.

SAP Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management – a solution to manage projects company-wide from a centralized repository and keep the portfolio on track – from forecasting and planning to accounting and closure.

SAP Concur – modern, cloud-based travel and expense management solution at your service on any device in any location.


3. Modern cloud development platforms allowing you to innovate and differentiate when the best practice processes and best-of-breed solutions aren’t enough

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) brings together data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration in a unified environment to support your unique requirements.


Key components of SAP BTP include:


SAP Datasphere – a full-scale solution for your mission-critical business data requirements, including data integration, cataloging, semantic modeling, data warehousing, and virtualization.

SAP Analytics Cloud – analytics and planning with live integrations to your SAP applications and smooth access to data sources.

SAP AI Core – a solution tailored for finding solutions for business problems. It handles large volumes of data, incorporates machine learning, and comes with preconfigured SAP solutions as well as support for open-source AI frameworks.

SAP Build – the modern AI-powered, low-code platform for the development of enterprise apps and automating processes.

SAP Integration Suite – a solution that provides market-leading capabilities for implementing integrations and governing your APIs. 


We help you enjoy the benefits of a complete, intelligent enterprise solution – one with built-in technologies, including integrations, user interfaces, AI, machine learning, embedded analytics, and automation.


Understanding your business targets and evaluating your options

We can help build an ideal enterprise solution roadmap for core processes and ecommerce that supports your business. Our vast experience helps us ensure that it meets your business growth requirements.


We do business-driven design discovery workshops, architecture consulting, S/4HANA prestudy and roadmap planning, and proof-of-concept studies and solution-fit evaluations.


Implementation of your future-proof ERP solution and platform

Every SAP roadmap is different, which means your business deserves a uniquely designed approach that our team can offer.


We understand your business and processes and know how to design services and architectures that fit your needs today and tomorrow. We work closely with our customers to implement solutions with speed, quality, and agility.


We offer agile project implementation services with best practices tools and templates, team augmentation for your inhouse lead projects, and safeguarding third-party projects.


Caring for and further developing your investment

We have an extensive amount of expertise in solutions that can help you take advantage of your SAP investment and take it to the next level. Real life starts after the go-live – Vincit can help you 24/7/365 to run your business smoothly and to drive the continuous improvement of your business process landscape.


We offer continuous support and further development services, release management and test automation, and innovation workshops.

Explore how you can transform your business into an intelligent and sustainable enterprise.

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