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Artificial Intelligence

News: Vincit's customers benefit from content-creating artificial intelligence – pilot project promises at least a 20% efficiency leap in software development

Vincit makes the benefits of AI-assisted tools available to all its customers and personnel. In the coming years, generative AI will offer significant business benefits in customer service, product development, process efficiency and software development. At Vincit, we see this as a revolution that will generate business value faster than any previous technology, and companies that delay adopting the benefits of generative AI are in danger of being overtaken by competitors.

Vincit is currently developing several AI-based tools that will bring significant business benefits to many industries. For example, the efficiency of an insurance company's customer service takes a significant and measurable leap forward with the GPT customer service bot developed by Vincit, which enables discussion with the company's own data.

SRV, a pioneer in the construction industry, is upgrading its customised ERP with the help of Vincit. In the collaboration, old code is updated with the help of Microsoft CoPilot and ChatGPT, which are based on generative AI. The pilot phase of the project carried out in June demonstrated that AI-assisted software development is up to 20% more efficient compared to not using the tools. In our view, this boost in efficiency will be even more significant in the future.

Vincit also uses generative AI in its own operations. The company trains all its software developers and designers in the possibilities of generative AI. The newly established training program will certify more than 100 experts in AI technologies this year alone. Vincit's sales organisation will also be trained in the use of AI-assisted tools. The company has created guidelines and an ethical code of conduct on the use of artificial intelligence. You can read about our seven generative AI principles here.

"As is typical of new technologies, there is a lot of hype in discussions related to generative AI. At the same time, with the help of AI, innovations that generate concrete value are happening faster than with any previous technology. This is especially true in software development, where we will see a change in the nature of programming and a productivity leap as we begin to fully harness the power of the new technologies in all our operations," says Julius Manni, CEO of Vincit.

"We can only guess what business impacts AI will have, but the changes will be significant and rapid. Our job is to ensure that our customers get the most out of the new tools as quickly as possible. Instead of a separate business unit, AI-related services and functions will be integrated into Vincit's entire service offering and expertise. It is our responsibility as a partner and employer to ensure that the competence and responsiveness of Vincit's customers and employees are improved. This way, we secure the competitiveness of people and companies working with us in the changing industry," says Henna Niiranen, Business Area Director.

Further information:
Vincit Plc, CEO Julius Manni, phone: +358 50 424 3932
Vincit Plc, Business Area Director Henna Niiranen, phone: +358 50 486 0775

The original press release in Finnish can be found here.