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Authority requirement was innovated to advanced service

Elenia is the second largest distribution system operator in Finland. It provides services to 435,000 customers in more than 100 municipalities in Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, South Ostrobothnia and North Ostrobothnia. The company sees electricity network’s functionality, builds the electricity network and connections, meters their customers’ electricity consumption and delivers the energy measurement information to electricity suppliers. In addition, Elenia develops smart grid solutions considering the needs of the future

Every two years, electricity grid companies must submit an extensive development plan to the Energy Agency. Elenia wanted to break the boundaries and build something more interesting. Ideas for a new way of sharing information were sought through a hackathon competition, which resulted in a win for Vincit and a new useful service tool for Elenia.


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Information about the journey of electricity

Where does the electricity in your house actually come from? What is the security of electricity supply like? How long is the electricity network, or what type of electricity network does the electricity travel along? And what kind of development needs and plans for electricity grid are considered in your area? Elenia could have simply answered all these questions with a single PDF file placed on the website. Instead, the company decided to cross the bar set by law at its highest point.

A new service was built for customers based on a plan that used to be very heavy to read and full of jargon. This new service offers information about the journey of electricity and the future of the electricity network in a visual and accessible package.

I would like to acknowledge Vincit’s team for their professional work. Right from the beginning of the project, we knew that the service would be phenomenal. And even though the schedule was tight, there was no compromise on quality, information security, or anything else. If and when the development work continues, we want the same employees involved in the project.

Tiina Salmi, Development Coordinator, Elenia


The hackathon competition brought out the best idea

Elenia started the development project of Elenia Avoin service with a two-day hackathon event, in which seven companies, including Vincit, participated. Elenia had experts from different fields who sparred with the competing teams and elaborated the information given in advance. Among the many great ideas, Vincit's concept stood out. It focused on creating a new type of electricity network map for Elenia’s distribution area and enriching it with just the correct information. The jury felt that the concept demonstrated both a fine and precise scheduling as well as knowledge of the energy industry.


Expertise used

Concept development & data analysis
Service design
Technical implementation
Visual appearance


Building the Elenia Avoin service was a software project but at the same time, also a very demanding data project. At the beginning of the project, Vincit received a large amount of data about the current state of the electricity grid as well as future plans and investments. After that, a complex analysis was made, and what was relevant to each customer on a personal level was selected from the entire data cake. According to Elenia, the cooperation was excellent at every stage of the project, and Vincit could put together all the material in understandable and stylish form. It was also great that Elenia's long-term electricity network development work was made visible to everyone through the service.

Energy companies' responsibilities include collecting feedback from their development plans, and thanks to the new service, much more of it has been given than before. On the Elenia Avoin website, everyone can express their opinion on the development of the electricity network and share their own plans related to the demand for electricity. If, for example, a clear increase in the number of electric cars can be seen in a certain area, it can be taken into account in Elenia's investment planning. As a result, the new service is an essential tool for Elenia and a source of information for customers. Additionally, the newly created package provides excellent starting points for the further development of new service models.