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A service platform that standardises parking functions

Easy parking is a top priority for drivers. Finnpark decided to boldly meet the challenge and reinvent the parking industry. The result was a business platform, which enables the customer-oriented Moovy parking service. The goal of the service was to create a consistent, smooth and easy way to park for all parking environments.

Moovy is a parking service and marketplace that brings together drivers and parking service providers. It enables a new freedom of movement, because the same service can be used in different parking environments: parking garages, streets and other parking areas.


Long queues and a lot of costs

The challenges related to the use of parking garages are familiar to many drivers. Parking tickets are lost or damaged, frozen car windows make it harder to drive into the garage in the winter, and long queues form at the pay points after mass events. The equipment, parking tickets and permits also generate a lot of work and costs for the parking operators.

The parking service provider Finnpark wanted to introduce a better and more consistent customer experience for its customers. Changes in the sector and a more diverse competitor field brought their own pressures to develop operations and services. The company decided to implement a service platform that all parking service providers and drivers can join.


All customers have their own wishes and needs related to parking management. The guys at Vincit had the will and ability to streamline and standardise these operating models. As a result, the service has become extremely easy to use both for the owner of the site and their parking customers.

Mika Isoviita, Product Owner, Moovy

Using platform business model

The company chose the platform business model as the method for implementing the services. The service conceptualisation stage included several workshops to engage users and stakeholders in the development of the service. The result was Moovy, a meeting place for parking service providers and drivers.

The drivers can see the service in the form of the Moovy mobile app, which makes their life easier and faster. Moovy enables them to drive into a garage without opening the car window. The car is identified on the basis of the number plate when entering and exiting, the barrier opens, and the parking starts and ends automatically. The parking fees are charged on the customer’s payment card afterwards. In addition to parking garages, the Moovy service is available for street parking.


Expertise used

Software development


The app has received very good feedback from drivers. They have been particularly happy with the straightforward and easy garage parking and how easy the service is to activate. The Moovy service has enabled the sector to develop and it has strengthened Finnpark’s position as a trailblazer.


The service is available in all Finnish cities for both garage and street parking. In Helsinki, Moovy is used at P-Tripla, with 2,300 parking spaces, P- Töölö as well as several parking garages in Pasila. The plan is to launch Moovy for street parking in Helsinki during 2020 as well as the P1 and P2 parking facilities of Helsinki Airport.

The service was designed in cooperation with Passi & Ripatti Oy.