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KSS Energia Oy

How Vincit created a better user experience for KSS energia's customers

KSS Energia Group is a Finnish energy company whose goal is to sell, produce, or contract the best energy solutions. When it came time to improve their digital service for energy consumers, KSS wanted to do something different and uniquely helpful. That’s why Vincit helped them to update their website for better usability and to add vital new features. Vincit also designed and implemented a completely new mobile app that allows anyone to easily deal with their energy contracts when they move – helping to take the stress out of moving while positioning KSS as a leader in the energy market.

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The Challenge 

KSS wanted to improve their user experience for energy customers, which would require updating their website to add new features and make it easier to update. While working on the  project, there was also discussion about creating a mobile app for tracking energy usage. However, KSS customers can already do that on the KSS website – so the project team pivoted to create a unique mobile app that makes moving simpler by offering a simple and efficient process for switching electricity contracts. 

This project as a whole was a breath of fresh air as we got to do new things. It's wonderful to work with a partner who gets excited and inspires us, is proactive, and iterates. Vincit's team is ready to adapt as the project needs change and act according to market demands.

Jessica Juhola, Director, Consumer Sales at KSS Energia

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Working in an agile way  

Vincit and KSS both conducted customer research to understand user needs and to help us co-create a great user experience. For updating the website, we used the Contentful CMS, a powerful and versatile platform. This not only makes updating content easier, it also allows storing product data for the online store easily instead of needing to integrate with an ERP system. 

Vincit is still continuing to upkeep and add more features to the website. For example, we've fine-tuned the product info and sales funnel and added stock market electricity prices to the website after the launch. 
Creating the mobile app required the team to be flexible as the original idea changed during the project. We also used the Contentful CMS for the mobile app to implement some of the key features like creating offers for customers. 
Throughout this project the whole team has worked in an agile way, trying new ideas and prototyping to get to the best possible solutions. “It’s been like working for a startup,” says Ossi Opas, Lead Designer at Vincit. “The process has been truly agile. I’ve worked in game development before this and this project is more fun than that.” 

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Expertise used

UX design
UI design
Mobile development
Design collaboration
Web development
Service design


Positioning KSS Energia as a leader

The new website is easy to use and includes a range of useful features for energy customers. The mobile app is something completely new on the market and is a useful and easy-to-use tool for anyone with an electrical contract, not just KSS customers – helping to promote KSS services, retain customers, and attract new energy consumers. 

Ensuring a great customer experience

Instead of focusing on the technological solution, service design has been present from the beginning of the project – meaning the website and mobile app and website offer an excellent customer experience for energy consumers.