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port of oulu, two big ships on the docks
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Port of Oulu

A digital strategy to navigate a sustainable future

Located in the heart of Northern Europe's growth hub in the city of Oulu, the Port of Oulu is the main general sea access in the Bothnian Bay. The port offers efficient and sustainable logistics for trade companies operating in Northern Finland. The Port of Oulu partnered with Vincit to develop a digital strategy that meets the needs of customers and key internal and external stakeholders, accelerates the port’s sustainability targets, and anticipates future demand.

Port of Oulu
Port of Oulu

The challenge – digitalization in a complex port environment

The Port of Oulu is at the center of a diverse, partly competing network of stakeholders who have both joint and differing interests and objectives. As the maritime and logistics industry moves towards greater digitalization and sustainability, there's a clear need for a strategic approach to leverage digital technology to improve operations and collaboration. To make sure the port is the preferred logistics option also in the future, the Port of Oulu sought the expertise of Vincit for a future-proof transformation strategy.

Vincit demonstrated a remarkable ability to understand our complex business and operational environment quickly. A key takeaway for us was the realization that digitalization is not a side project but at the core of our business strategy. With Vincit's help, we've crafted not just a digital strategy but a comprehensive business plan that positions us for success in the digital and sustainable future.

Marko Mykkänen, CEO / Port of Oulu

Port of Oulu

The solution – collaborating for an actionable strategy

Vincit approached the challenge with a thorough analysis of current operations, stakeholder and customer expectations, and business goals. The collaborative process resulted in a digital strategy that emphasized customer-centricity, operational efficiency, sustainability, and safety. In addition, the initiatives were clearly prioritized as an actionable roadmap with measurable business outcomes and KPIs.

The collaboration with Vincit enhanced the Port of Oulu organizational and leadership team’s capabilities for innovation and collaboration as well as deepened the understanding of digital opportunities. The strategic planning process facilitated by Vinict underscored the important role of digitalization in achieving sustainability and operational efficiency goals. 


Expertise used

Digital strategy
Strategic design
Customer insight
Technical architecture

The impact – understanding how digitalization is central to business

A strategic approach 

Recognizing digitalization as a central part of its business strategy marks a significant shift for the Port of Oulu. The new digital strategy serves as a comprehensive plan for incorporating technology to enhance business operations and sustainability efforts.

Improving business processes and collaboration

Vincit’s co-creation workshops and in-depth customer and internal insight increased the Port of Oulu team’s shared understanding of how digitalization can significantly improve business processes and collaboration with port stakeholders. This alignment is crucial for the successful implementation of the strategy.

Laying the groundwork for future partnerships 

With defined objectives, designated ownership and resources, and set timelines, the port is well-prepared to advance its digital transformation in a complex geopolitical situation. The digital strategy not only outlines the next steps but also establishes a foundation for future innovations.