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Our work


Helping Sako to completely renew their key channel for reaching customers 

Sako is a leading manufacturer of rifles and sells to a wide range of customers, including competitive shooters, hunters, and defense and law-enforcement professionals.

Working closely as a team, Vincit helped Sako to completely renew their website to greatly improve the customer experience. Sako’s website is their main channel for reaching customers, meaning the success of this project was critical for fulfilling the company’s goal of improving customer satisfaction. 


The challenge

Due to the nature of Sako’s business, the channels they have to reach customers are limited. Advertising and selling rifles online is not allowed, and social media channels are not ideal platforms as such content is often banned. For that reason, Sako’s website is of the utmost importance for supporting customers’ purchasing decisions.

The cooperation has been excellent, which is why we’re continuing to work with Vincit. We’re happy with the results so far – we’ve worked together in a very transparent and agile way.

Sami Arhomaa, Marketing & Digital Product Portfolio Director, Sako


Supporting purchasing decisions with a new site

Sako performed an extensive survey two years ago to measure their net promoter score and customer satisfaction with their brands and product lines. Sako’s long-term goal is to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction – and to make their broad service and product line easy to browse and get information about. Tracking product and service quality is also a key goal. 
Based on the insights from customer surveys, Sako decided to reorganize the website around three key segments: hunters, sports shooters, and law enforcement and defense. We took the insights provided by Sako to create an effective design for the new website that would help meet their strategic goals of supporting customers online.

We designed the site to be easy to browse and included extensive product information and video testimonials from users to make product benefits as clear as possible. A comparison feature makes it extremely easy to look at different product specs side by side and choose the most suitable rifle for each customer. 


Expertise used

Commerce architecture & platforms
UI/UX Design
Strategy & design


A better way to support customers

The new Sako website is organized around customer needs, with three clear segments that make finding the right product easy and fast – helping to support customer purchasing decisions.  A product comparison feature makes it easy to view selected specifications and compare rifles. 


Easier for Sako to respond to changing needs

Thanks to the Contentful CMS, Sako can easily edit everything on the website. The new site makes updating products and responding to changing customer needs much faster.  


An effective and fast site 

The new website combines updated visuals, customer journeys, and the way product information is presented to support customers better. The new website has also proven to be reliable and very fast compared to the old site. Together, these changes improve the customer experience.