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Accelerating customer experience, loyalty, and sales for Sako with digital innovations

Sako is a world-renowned rifle and cartridge manufacturer known for their legacy in precision manufacturing. Sako has been a leader in developing rifles, ammunition, and accessories for hunting and sport shooting for over a hundred years. As the hunting and sport shooting industry is digitalizing, Sako continued their collaboration with Vincit to establish a solid digital strategy that supports business growth and builds customer loyalty.


The challenge – embracing digitality as a manufacturing brand

Digitalization opens new opportunities to fortify the customer relationship for manufacturing brands, and Sako partnered with Vincit to explore these further. Recognizing the need to refine its eCommerce strategy and enhance customer experience, especially in the loyalty and nurturing phase, Sako grappled with a multitude of ideas for digital product development. The wish for a digital strategy with clear objectives and validated customer-centric roadmaps prompted Sako to collaborate with Vincit.

Vincit-team's solid strategic mindset combined with a great amount of customer centricity and hands-on attitude have all been great assets for us in the early phases of our journey in creating a roadmap of scalable and consumer-centric digital services for our enthusiast hunter and sport shooter customers.

Sami Arhomaa, Marketing & Digital Product Portfolio Director / Sako


The solution – crafting an actionable digital strategy

Vincit's approach to transforming Sako's digital presence was strategic and multi-faceted. The work commenced with an in-depth analysis of the industry’s digital landscape and Sako’s capabilities and goals.

A collaborative workshop established the business objectives for Sako's digital strategy. The Sako team, supported by Vincit, generated dozens of ideas for digital ownership services that would serve the business objectives. We turned the most promising ones into tangible concepts, which were then validated with customer interviews.

Sako and Vincit collaboratively built various digitalization business cases. The strategy and concept work culminated in a concrete, actionable roadmap designed to achieve the strategic objectives and enhance customer loyalty with digital services and eCommerce.


Expertise used

Strategic design
Business design
Digital strategy
eCommerce strategy
Technical architecture
Concept creation and design
Customer insight
Human-centric design

The impact – a clear path to business results and stronger customer loyalty

A clear path ahead for eServices and eCommerce
Vincit delivered a comprehensive eServices


strategy, complete with business objectives and a vision for digital customer experience – providing Sako with a directional compass in the digital domain.


Validated digital concept


The co-creation produced a variety of digital concepts, complete with visualizations that make the ideas understandable. These concepts were validated through customer insights, ensuring their relevance and appeal to Sako's target audience.


Actionable roadmap


Sako now has an actionable roadmap that outlines clear steps for implementing the eServices and eCommerce strategy. Sako is well-positioned to enhance their digital customer experience and solidify their presence in the digital landscape.