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Our work

Stitch & Tie

Custom eCommerce Site for Stitch and Tie Retail Expansion

Friar Tux is a leading Southern California suit and tuxedo company with a rich history and many store locations where they sell and rent formal wear. We helped them expand into the online rental space, building a completely custom site that allows for browsing, customization, group event creation and management, and much more.


Vincit Offerings and Technologies

We provided Stitch & Tie with full solution design and development services as well as strategy so that they could expand into the online rental space. Using various technologies, our teams created a custom site with a classy yet personal design feel that allows customers to shop easily.


  • Full solution design and development services
  • Web site design and development
  • Customization
Case Study A

Working with a massive site

With complex features such as customization and group event management, we spent a lot of time on the groundwork and wireframes, ensuring good site structure, natural content groupings, and an intuitive experience.

We ended up with a relatively simple content structure, that emphasizes the primary use cases.

People rent suits and tuxedos to create memories; we wanted to create an online experience that connects with those memories. We used photography heavily, focusing on the experience, the people, and the emotion. We used large, full width images, with subtle parallax to create an immersive mood. Products are shot with plenty of white space for a classy feel.


Expertise used

Web development

We created a “customize your look” page where the user can select a base look and change accessories to personalize their own look. As the user customizes their look, the configurator will recommend other accessories that compliment their current selection. To achieve this we implemented a system that allows experts at Friar Tux to specify items that complement each other.