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Shipping containers
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Martin Container

Website, Branding, and Logo Services

Martin Container is a leader in west coast refrigerated and fully customizable storage solutions. The problem was that their branding and website did not portray the quality and assurance needed for large container services.

Shipping container
Shipping container

Vincit Offerings and Technologies

We provided Martin Container with full solution design and development services for their website. We also assisted Martin Container with branding services, including logo creation.

Research and Ideation
Finding a brand solution that showcased quality in their products required a look into the competitive industry. After exploring ideas, we completely transformed their product into a graphic style, using typography and grids.

Making the mark
From there, we fine tuned those ideas into a mark that showcased Martin Container's ability to deliver great and reliable products. Using hexagonal shapes and patterns seen from fabrication methods, Martin Container's message was now visual.



Expertise used

Design & Development
Website development
Brand Identity
Logo creation


Swiss Design. International Style.
The use of Swiss Design helped create the foundation of structure and grids seen throughout the site. This allowed our design style to maintain the resemblance of stacked cargo and containers seen at a container terminal.


After the website rebuild, Martin Container saw daily site traffic increase 400%, not only generating a large number of leads, but the quality of the leads is much more significant. This has immediately increased their sales by 30%.