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Our work

Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear reimagines the shopping experience

UAG is an international brand for protective device cases. When on the move, UAG rugged accessories protect phones, laptops and watches. UAG has built a successful lifestyle brand with a die-hard fanbase who love their products.

When they outgrew their e-commerce website, they came to Vincit.

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UAG needed a website as durable and long-lasting as their products. 

UAG needed a website that could withstand future growth. They had already outgrown their website capability, and needed greater flexibility and scalability. Given the brand's popularity, they asked for a completely new e-commerce website to increase usability, storytelling, brand expression, and performance. Vincit also had another unique challenge, straight from UAG’s Creative Director: “Make it so easy to order, that while browsing our lifestyle content, I can buy a phone case at a red light before it turns green.”

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Scope of work


UAG was using Shopify Plus for their commerce platform but its template limitations were hindering the creativity UAG wanted to showcase. Vincit built a custom site using React and Gatsby, connected to Contentful CMS and the Shopify API, with Netlify. This provided a multitude of benefits for UAG: Gatsby greatly improved page load times; Contentful is easily customizable for UAG content, and UAG didn't have to migrate thousands of SKU's or change their current product management process.


For UAG's design, the aesthetic look and customer experience were crucial aspects. We needed to remove all friction within the shopping flow in order to stick to UAG's Creative Director's goal. For this, we implemented automatic detection of the brand and the device the customer is using, shopping shortcuts and suggestions, and quick payment options. The design truly reimagined what a personalized shopping experience means.

User Interaction

To elevate user interaction, Vincit ensured UAG would stand out in a crowd. UAG has a ton of great content, and we crafted an experience that funnels buyers into the shopping flow naturally while consuming powerful storytelling content.

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Expertise used

UX design
Mobile app development
Web development


We accomplished what we set out to do. A user can shop for a phone, in the car, while waiting for a red light. Big ambitions met. Big gains for a big brand.