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High-quality design phase and focusing on user experience form the basis for successful projects

Wihuri Metro-tukku is a wholesale business that delivers products for professional kitchens and retailers in the food service. It is a family business that has operated for 120 years.

During the past couple of years, we have executed many development projects together. The projects include developing mobile solutions used in regional transport terminals, installing info screens to forklifts used by pickers and completely renewing the process of receiving incoming deliveries. A common denominator for all the projects is that the focus has been on the end users’ user experience.


Success is a team effort

According to the Production Manager Anton Heinonen, all the projects they have done with us have started by doing a high-quality specification of the issue. This has enabled them to create realistic schedules and budgets for each project. In his opinion, the solutions themselves are easy to use and represent the modern standards.

"As we have done many projects together, the trust and cooperation have created such an atmosphere that we can innovate and create success together. By working as a team with you, we have been able to become more cost-efficient and to strengthen our position in the market. We get more done in the same time frame".

Our most important mission is to deliver the products customers need at the right time and to the right place.We used to pick all the products at our logistics center in Vantaa, but now it is partly done at our regional transport terminals. With the app, we can receive the incoming deliveries, pick them and combine orders. With the help of this mobile solution, we can offer our clients a better order-pick rhythm, more locally produced goods, and fresher produce, Heinonen continues.

Anton Heinonen, Production Manager, Wihuri Metro-tukku

End users are included in the development phase

The first project we did together was the regional transport terminal project. It enabled Wihuri Metro-tukku’s regional transport terminals to handle cross-docking and flow-through material flows. The created mobile application was developed on the Neptune DX Platform and it operates directly on the SAP ERP system.

The regional transport terminal project was executed basically during the national Covid-19 lockdown, which created its own challenges for the implementation stage and for going live. The biggest impacting factor for succeeding in this project was that we had included the end users already in the development stage. That meant that they were pretty familiar with the product already, Heinonen says.

This project was one of Wihuri Metro-tukku’s biggest projects during the recent years. One crucial factor was that the mobile solution was as light as possible and easy to use.

Decreasing the number of mistakes directly impacts customer satisfaction
The second joint project was focused on easing the workload of the pickers and improving the quality of picking. It was easy to continue the cooperation after the successful regional transport terminal project.

They developed a software to support the voice controlled picking. It can be used on the info screens that are installed on the forklifts. The app offers the pickers new ways to ease their work. These include pictures and information about the products and more specific instructions related to the picking. In addition, the app enables communication between the pickers and the management.

"With the info screens, we have been able to decrease the number of mistakes made. This has a direct impact on the customer satisfaction", Heinonen summarizes.

Vincit Customer case Wihuri Metro-tukku

Expertise used

Product experience management
Neptune DX Platform
User experience

Neptune user interface is one of the key factors in the process of receiving incoming deliveries

The key elements for this project were the Neptune user interface and Vincit’s project team. We aimed to increase the productivity of the reception workers by developing the process. The app is built on SAP’s Neptune screens. We have already had positive experiences with them in the previous projects we have done.", says Anton Heinonen, Production Manager from Wihuri Metro-tukku.

The most recent project we executed was about renewing the process of receiving incoming deliveries. The goal was to make the interface used by the reception workers more dynamic and user-friendlier. It is now more versatile and one can do many things with the same app and during the same session.

Receiving incoming deliveries has a central role in the flow of the products in our warehouse. Any possible mistakes that happen at this stage recur during the whole flow. By focusing on the process of receiving incoming deliveries, we are avoiding any future mistakes.