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People look to fintech apps to shop for mortgages, trade stocks, manage spending, and improve their financial well-being. Yet the fintech market is crowded and noisy, and shifting regulations can disrupt plans for the future. The winners will be those who deliver flawless experiences and achieve the flexibility to adapt. 

Build a future you can bank on


Make compliance the baseline;
Securing transactions and protecting data are the bare minimum. We’ll ingrain compliance controls into your processes so deeply that meeting standards will become effortless.


Power to the user;
People are intimidated by the jargon and red tape of traditional finance and insurance providers. We’ll help you design new, frictionless experiences that put users in command of their finances.


Integrations that matter;
Even the simplest transaction can touch dozens of systems and vendors. We’ll make sure your app plays well with legacy infrastructure, third parties, and other key components.


Leverage data;
Usage data gives you the feedback you need to evolve your product. We bake smart data tactics into every project to support the users’ goals, system scalability, and the business needs.

Services and solutions

SAP enterprise solutions
SAP S/4Hana implementation
Tricentis test automation
SAP enterprise solutions
Enterprise platform support
SAP architecture design

Tailored digital goods

We’ll help define, design, and develop tools that redefine your customers’ ways of working. Our team can achieve your vision without the limitations of off-the-shelf software while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

Differentiating customer services

Using Agile development methodologies, we create digital services and apps that revolve around the customer. Our expertise in accessibility, data visualization, and emotional design ensure a perfect fit to your business and user needs.


Our hands-on, co-creation-based consultation packages let you leverage our team to help identify and describe the key customer journeys that will lead our efforts. We also offer agile coaching to help your team adopt modern development practices.

Fast track new service concepts

It shouldn’t take ages to reach an MVP that lets you start gathering user feedback and building investor interest. Our specialized fast-track teams use a tailored, start-up friendly development model that delivers faster time to market.

SAP enterprise solutions
SAP S/4Hana implementation
Tricentis test automation
SAP enterprise solutions
Enterprise platform support
SAP architecture design


Whether you are just getting started on your digitalization journey, or about to reach a fully-servitized business model, we've got your back. Using agile development methodology, we stay by your side every step of the way. Agile development helps us maintain the ability to redirect development efforts as and when needed, based on data and feedback gained from customers or other ecosystem stakeholders.


Verification of value creation

We can help you identify use cases that drive servitization, such as market shifts or operations bottlenecks. We can help assess the expected financial impact of different development initiatives and prioritize them. Furthermore, we can map the impacts the initiatives have on internal and external stakeholders.


Purpose-built data and system architecture

To help with your IT/OT convergence, we identify all relevant processes, systems and data sources. We can evaluate your current architecture and assess which internal stakeholders need to be engaged. We then design a system and data architecture that serves your needs well into the future.


Sustainable solutions are agile

We use agile development with clear roles both for business and SW development. We then create a roadmap with a development backlog based on selected criteria. We help pick the technologies that can fulfill future requirements and lead development and deployment using appropriate gates and processes.